Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Gift of the Lotus Flower

lotus thousand petalsThe lotus flower has been a spiritual symbol of love and peace for many centuries. It has many meanings in different religions but, all in all, the lotus represents purity of heart, mind and spirit. Many people associate the lotus flower with peace, and there is no doubt that the sight of a lotus flower floating on the water is very peaceful. Others associate it with love, particularly if it is a pink one. Symbolism aside, if you see or are presented with a lotus flower in meditation you can be sure that you are well on your spiritual path and it is a message of love, protection and guidance from your angel and spirit guides.

As I speak to you today I present each one of you with a white, thousand-petalled lotus flower and place it in your heart space. When you position your energy in your heartspace you can then envisage yourself sitting upon this magnificent flower. You may even imagine yourself sitting in the lotus position. As you are seated on the flower surrounded by your own energy in your heartspace, take some calming breaths and feel yourself relax. Your body and mind become totally still and all you can see is white, which symbolises peace, love and oneness with the Creator of All That Is. As you are seated you begin to merge with the lotus flower until there is no distinction between you and the flower. In the energy of the lotus you feel completely peaceful and mindless – there is no thought at all, but you are mindful of a total oneness with the Universe. In this moment your connection with the all is at its strongest and you become receptive to the messages that are meant for you. They may come as an image, as a thought, as a vision or even as a feeling, but when you bring yourself back to the room you will remember the message and all that it means for you.

The lotus flower is my gift to you today because meditation is the most effective way for people to bring their energy to the stillpoint of creation where all just is and the mind is at its least jumbled and most receptive. If everyone took the time to do this every day, or at least several times a week, the human collective consciousness would be much calmer and much more positive. Each time you return to your lotus flower it may be a different colour or even a different size. The size and colour of your lotus flower will be pertinent to you and your needs at the time. You may even see your angel guide or a master of light who is there to guide you at that particular point of time. You need not question this, just trust and be thankful for your guidance and your gifts.

My love is always with you. I bring you peace, love and the light of the Creator, who is always with you and who loves you unconditionally.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus).



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