Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Changing the Face of Terror: Moving from Fear to Ascension

Part 3

connectionMeditation will allow you to learn to be still, both in mind and body, so that you can listen to your inner voice, the one that is connected to your Higher Self and the ethereal realms. The more you can be still the more connected you will become; to the Earth, to the universal mind, to the inner wisdom of your soul that is held in your Higher Mind and in your Sacred Heart and ultimately, to God, otherwise known as the Supreme Source or the Creator of All That Is. As you become more connected your chakras will become activated with higher frequencies of light, your pineal gland will be opened and your Divine Blueprint activated. You will become calmer, less reactive and more tolerant. You will become much more mindful of your thoughts and actions and of how they impact upon others. If you maintain the practice of meditation and your connection to spirit, you will find your psychic abilities may become more apparent, for the ability to be psychic does not belong to just a chosen few. All humans are connected to their ethereal body and to the psychic and spiritual knowledge that transcends the physical body. As your connection to the light becomes stronger and your energies become higher, your will begin to emit an inner light that is not visible to the naked eye but which attracts people like moths to a flame. The higher your vibrations become the more likely it is that you will step into your higher purpose which will involve some kind of service to humanity or to Mother Earth.

Now, more than ever before is it essential, with all the lower vibrational activities and energies that are continuously consuming the Earth that people answer the calling of their soul to awaken to their spiritual song, their inner knowing and to the psychic gifts that are available to them. Only when people begin to take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and behaviour that is based on negative or self-destructive belief systems, face their inner truths, connect to their inner light and to actively raise their energies above the Third Dimensional frequencies that are controlling the collective mind will the real changes occur.inner light

Beloveds, the reign of terrorism that is currently gripping the Earth can only be successful if the masses believe in it and invest their emotional energies in it. However, the more people who begin to work on their own spiritual development and to raise their energies to fourth dimensional frequencies the greater the chances of the Earth achieving ascension. To avoid contributing to the negative emotions that are continuously flooding the human collective consciousness the Masters of Light make this plea to all who have taken the time to read this missive: actively raise your vibrational frequencies. This can be achieved by monitoring your thoughts, disengaging in drama, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying in integrity, meditating daily and calming your mind.

fourth dimensionChanging the face of terror begins with each and every individual taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions and releasing past emotional trauma that could be contributing to the negative beliefs they have about themselves and the religious, political or personal beliefs of others. With personal change comes the realisation that every single person on Earth is on their own journey of learning and discovery involving the resolution of karma and the gradual release of past emotional trauma and negative belief patterns. To believe in a cause is one thing, but to inflict one’s own beliefs upon others through force, violence and the removal of freedom is against spiritual law and will immediately place the person back on the wheel of karma and into the mercy of the Law of Cause and Effect. Seekers of revenge will also put themselves in the same position, because an eye for an eye does not bring the scales back to equilibrium. The only way to bring the world back into balance is to see the world throneness_handsough the eyes of the Creator who loves you all unconditionally no matter what you have done. The world can only be saved through love, Dear Ones. – send love, give love, feel love and compassion for others and for yourself. Only then will the human collective consciousness rise above the fear of terrorism and the tide begin to turn towards a new world based on tolerance, love and oneness.

And so it is.

I AM Lord Melchizadek.

Channelled by Victoria Cochrane


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