Channellings From the Masters: The New Age of the Rainbow

rainbowsangres500A rainbow is a fracture of the light: tiny drops of moisture caught in the sunlight. But rainbows mean more than that to a lot of people. They are figures of hope, love, abundance and joy. The presence of rainbows is nothing new, but the ones that are appearing lately and seen by many have been particularly special- either more radiant, shorter, double or triple or even incandescent. They have been noticed because of their vibrancy and their irregularity and seem to be appearing more often, even when there is no rain about.

The presence of these rainbows is no accident and they are a message from Mother Earth to continue to love – the Earth, yourself and each other, because the love that is being sent from Lightworkers and from all humans is making a huge difference, even if the events on Earth may seem to contradict that. The power of love is immense and also immeasurable, overriding hatred, war and anger because it is a much higher vibration.

The colours in the rainbow are also changing, because the five higher galactic rays have now been activated. Even though a rainbow will still have seven main colours, observant people will notice a greater depth to the colours and also a gradient of colour that now includes the 5 extra rays. These rays connect to each person’s chakras and are an indication that the human world is waking up. The only way Mother Earth can exude higher rays from her being is if the human race is also exuding them.

Well done, Dear Ones! Your love, higher thoughts and growing ability to access a deeper consciousness is impacting on the vibration of the world around you and Mother Earth is responding. As She responds so will the world. The energies of Ascension continue to accelerate and many will now find themselves at crossroads. The journey to the Fifth Dimension is not always an easy one, and many of you are faced with situations and problems that seem insurmountable. The past may also have caught up with you. We reiterate that nothing that is not of integrity can whether the vibrations of the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions. If you are facing challenges that is because you are being given the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you and to claim your own Divinity. Ask for help, Loved Ones, for you are never alone, even though it may seem that you are.

I AM Archangel Michael.

double-rainbow-in-mist double-rainbow-burnie rainbow-streak rainbows-burnie

These rainbows (excluding picture at top of page) were all seen in Burnie, Tasmania in October, November 2016.

Blessings, Victoria xxx


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