Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Spirit of Christ-mas.

keeping-the-christmas-spirit-aliveAs Christmas approaches, the western world and Christians have so much to do. Shopping, cooking, travelling, visiting. There is not enough time to do everything there is to do, and sometimes people may find themselves exhausted and cranky. Christians reverently remember my birth and give praise to me and God. Other people do remember those less fortunate than themselves and strive to ensure no-one is forgotten. Many people talk about the spirit of Christmas as giving without receiving, or of tolerating those whom they would not normally speak to, or of giving to charities and of being charitable to neighbours, the elderly and the sick. For many, however, Christmas has no meaning at all and is a time for a holiday or a break.

The Spirit of Christmas, Dear Ones, is all of this and none of it! The reason for this is simple: in all the acts of tolerance, forgiveness and of being charitable there is judgment: that someone is less fortunate, less worthy, less wealthy, less healthy or more needy, when in fact they just are who they are. To give is a wonderful thing, but to give unconditionally, with no judgement or expectation is to be in the energy of oneness and the unconditional love of the Creator. Only then will the true Spirit of Christ-mas be present, because the energy of unconditional love is pure light, untainted by ego, judgment or emotion.  The Spirit of Christ-mas has nothing to do with religion, although it has everything to do with my birth and life on Earth! The Spirit of Christ-mas is always present, whether Christmas is being celebrated or not, because the love I gave to the Earth is embodied in the Christ Consciousness which is the highest consciousness of all, embedded in God’s light and underpinning the existence of the universe. It is unconditional — there are no expectations, religions, judgments or conditions to be loved by me, the angels, the masters or by the Creator. Love simply is.

To love others unconditionally you at first must love yourself unconditionally. To believe others to be worthy you must believe yourself to be worthy. If you are not tolerant of others’ religions, sexuality, ethnicity or personality you are not living in the Spirit of Christ-mas nor in the energy God, no matter how much you may give or how charitable you may be. The only love that is real or that has any true impact is unconditional love, and that is what I send to you now.

Merry Christ-mas to you!

I AM Jesus.


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