Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Auric Field


The energy of life is multi-dimensional and dynamic. It is ever moving, ever changing and continuously merging with energy of likeness or of different vibrations. All matter, whether it is solid, liquid or gas is continuously moving and is dynamic in nature. This means it either changes and evolves or it gradually breaks down. Nothing in the universe can ever remain the same, nor can it avoid merging with or even becoming a part of another energy force. All is connected in the universe of the Creator, and all is created with intention, whether that intention is for the greater good or against it.

Your aura is your energy field of light that protects your bodies; i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, from attack or invasion from other people’s energies, emotions and thoughts. It is like a force field that shields you from lower vibrations and from energy that is not for your greater good. It also helps to contain your own emotions, thoughts and traumatic experiences, keeping them from invading the space of people around you. However, the aura is fragile and can be harmed or broken by psychic attack, drug or alcohol use, harsh emotions, trauma and illness. If it is compromised, the person will become vulnerable to negative energies or may unwittingly pass on their own negative energies to other people. Taking on other peoples’ worries is not recommended and can cause a breakdown in mental, emotional, spiritual, and eventually, physical wellbeing that can last for years.

People who share a special bond will always merge their energies and be comfortable in each other’s personal space. Spouses, couples, families and even close friends live in and around each other’s auras with mostly little ill effect. However, should a relationship become abusive, one-sided, negative or loveless, the effect on all people’s auras and energy levels will be noticeable. It may be draining for both people, or one person may dominate and drain the other’s energy while boosting their own. Even couples who have been together a long time and who still share love or positive feelings can unwittingly drain each other’s energy in times of stress, illness or excessive worry.

It is important to protect your aura from attack or compromise at all times, even with people you are comfortable with. If your aura is healthy you will feel calm and energised, the colour will be harmonious and the field will be deep and un-fractured. If, however, your aura has been compromised by attack, trauma, stress, fatigue or illness there may be tears or holes in it, it may not have much depth and you will feel emotions ranging from fatigue, stress, anger and anxiety. You will be much more likely to attract wayward spirits and unwanted energy from others, and you will most likely be intolerant, impatient and ‘out of sorts’ in general.

The world is full of people with unbalanced chakras and unhealthy auric fields that are carrying unnecessary energy that is not for their highest and best. The result is that many people on Earth are more tired, angrier, sicker and much less tolerant than they need to be simply because they have not protected their auric field. Here is a simple procedure you can do every day to protect your aura and energy fields from being compromised:

Sitting or standing, take a breath in and envision a ball of light on your crown at the top of your head. Now, breathing out, bring the light down through your aura, washing all the way down your body to the ground. Hold it there without breathing for three seconds, then, taking another breath in, breathe out and send the light down under the ground. Hold it again for three seconds then breathe normally. You are now grounded and your aura is protected for the day.

I AM Lord Melchazadek.

Victoria Cochrane

Photo by Gary Martin




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