Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Way of the Soul

Life is fleeting although, in human terms, it may last for decades or even a century. Some people live long lives while others are only on Earth for a very short time. No matter how long one lives, the impact a person’s life has upon the planet and the people around them is important and has a great effect on the imprint on one’s soul. It may seem that the events occurring through one’s life are random and unplanned, when in fact most people on Earth are living out lives that have been planned and mapped out from the time of their birth until their death: their parents, their siblings, their major lessons and higher purpose for being on Earth are all planned before birth. One’s soul family will also promise to enter one’s life at certain points in a lifetime in order to help keep one on track or to help in times of need or crisis. A lifetime of woe, then, is usually chosen and can be the source of major learning and fast-tracking of soul growth for that person, even though the person may not be consciously aware of it.

When souls are born they are full of excitement for the difference they will make on Earth. Yet, many are unprepared for the weight of the Third Dimensional vibration and they quickly lose their way. Drugs, alcohol, depression or, on the other hand, greed, wealth and the power that comes with the status of the rich can quickly transform their hearts and minds to selfishness and service of self rather than that of being in service, which is the way of the enlightened and more-evolved souls. Those who do lose their way can sometimes find their way back to their path through the intervention of their soul family, through religion or through their own strength of character and soul memories. Others, however, may choose to exit the Third Dimension and their current lifetime earlier than planned so that they can review their choices and come back to finish their purpose at a later time.

Another way a soul’s life contract can be interrupted is through karmic intervention. The need to play out past-life karma stems from karmic intervention from another soul or as a result of karma one has created. If one has accumulated karma from a past life, they will meet with the soul or souls involved and plan how that karma will be replayed in the next lifetime. So, if a soul has been responsible for a single death, then the victim will instigate or facilitate a repayment of the contract in the next lifetime. However, if the soul has been responsible for a multitude of deaths, such as the holocaust or a bombing that takes innocent lives, the consequences are far more serious and lengthy in terms of lifetimes needing to be lived in order to repay the karmic debt. A soul who has lost their way in such a devastating way can spend thousands of extra lifetimes repaying every soul that was lost at their will. Karma involves the learning of lessons, but when a lesson is learnt at the loss of will and freedom to choose, the consequences are dire and lock the soul into the wheel of karma for as long as it takes to free themselves from the debt. Many tragedies that play out on Earth, then, are actually either souls choosing to leave of their own free will, souls playing out karma or souls leaving early as a result of karmic intervention from another.

All humans are on a soul journey from lifetime to lifetime. Earth is the stage where souls learn their lessons towards evolvement and enlightenment. Many of you have lived countless lives and have left a large soul imprint within the fabric of consciousness that is woven between dimensions of time and space. Others have chosen to live less lifetimes in a human body but to learn larger lessons whilst in human form, meaning their lives may be hard, harsh, torturous, lonely or one of great disadvantage. If one leaves that lifetime having learnt those lessons, sometimes using them to help others, the evolution of the soul towards mastery will be expedient. However, if during a difficult lifetime the soul loses their way the opportunity for learning may be lost and the evolvement of the soul may take one or several more lifetimes.

However a soul chooses to evolve, either through service or karma there is no judgment from God, the Supreme Creator. The judgment comes from the soul itself whose life review after death will determine the next course of action it needs to take; be reborn to continue to repay karmic death or to stay in spirit to learn amongst one’s soul family. Those souls who are close to or have already achieved mastery may choose to be reborn again to remain in service and assist humans on Earth to evolve and grow, and their soul aspects can be embedded in many human forms at the same time. The wisdom these souls bring is active on Earth at the present time and many of you may know them as your teacher, advisor or mentor.

If at this time you find yourself going though events that are hard to deal with, or if your life is constantly hard or in turmoil consider this: what can you learn and what are the blessings you can use to build upon? How are your thoughts attracting or not attracting better things into your life and how can you, as the only one who can take 100 percent responsibility for your life, turn things around for the better. No matter whether it is because you have made bad choices or the tide has turned against you there is always an opportunity to use adversity as a gateway for learning, evolvement and new beginnings. A glass half full is always better than one half empty, dear ones!

I AM yours in service,

Jeshua ben Joseph




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