Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Love is All Around You

Greetings. My soul reaches out to you today with unconditional and unlimited love. Love is all around you. It is within you. You ARE love. The very essence of you is love, and it starts with me. When you can see everything as the Creator sees it, then you will start to realise that nothing is more important than life itself, because, within the seed of life is creation, and the seed of creation is the adamantine particle. When you breathe in the adamantine particle, you are creating with love and intention. You are seeing love, breathing out love and being love.

Adamantine particles are the Creator’s light. God, the Creator, is light and love; that is all there is. Call to me to bring you to the light — that has always been my purpose: to live in the light, to be the light and to lead you to the light. My love is within every one of you, and when you can feel it in your heartspace, the road to the light will be short.

The saviour of the world is love. There is no need for me to walk the Earth for a second time, because humanity will save itself when it breathes in love and becomes its own light. When you breathe in light and become the light for others, God’s love will shine from within and thus upon the world like a beacon. No darkness can survive such brightness, and no vibration of hatred can sustain its rule. Love is the answer. It just is, and that is all there is.

Emotions are running high in the world at this present time as many changes are taking place on cellular levels within many of you. Some of you have been aware of the impending changes and have been ready for them, however, many have been caught unaware and are finding it difficult to cope. The changes are, indeed, associated with the ascension of Mother Earth on the 12/12/12, yet there are other changes that are occurring as part of evolution and as adaption to life on the planet.

Ascension has been foretold since before I came to Earth. The second coming is upon the world, yet it is not as has been prophesised by Christians; the saviour of the world this time is the raising of human vibrations to a Fifth Dimensional state: one of peace, tolerance, unconditional love and total acceptance of each other. You must all do your part to make the changes in your thought patterns and vibrations to allow the world to continue her path to ascension.

The other changes that are occurring are evolutionary; adaptations to environment but also to temperament! One cannot move back into their lightbody without some major physical and structural changes taking place. Those whose bodies are adjusting to the major changes in vibrational patterns in the universe, not just on Earth, are finding that the changes in their physical bodies and mental abilities are becoming apparent.  You are becoming more sensitive to the world around you, unable to tolerate harsh chemicals. You eat more raw and organic food and avoid processed food. You eat less or no meat. You are more aware of ecological issues and are becoming more protective and proactive in your attitudes to the preservation of nature. Your bodies are becoming stronger and finer, your lifestyles healthier. Your minds are much more alert at the time of birth and you reach milestones earlier. Your spiritual essence is apparent from the day of birth and, contrary to earlier generations, it will stay a strong influence throughout the lives of the newest generations. There is a growing tendency in the younger generation to steer away from prejudicial thinking and intolerance, and the use of war and violence as a way of solving differences is now being rejected and abhorred. These vibrational changes may seem innocent and obscure, but they are not just a reaction to recent occurrences on Earth. They actually stem back much further and are changing the cellular structure of the human body and the human psyche in ways that will be much more apparent as the days move closer to the full ascension of Earth.

If you feel different to the way you used to be, go within and instruct your body to accept and assimilate the light that is now entering your energy fields. Seek help if you must, but know that we, the Masters, are with you at this time as you move through time and space into another dimension; one of peace, trust, goodwill and love.

Blessings and love to you all.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus


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