Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Time, A Tool of the Universe

‘Time waits for no man’ is a powerful and well-known saying and, on Earth, is true. The ticking of a clock indicates that time marches on regardless of tragedy, death, loss or unaccountable sorrow. However, the laws of the Universe state that time is not a reality beyond the boundaries of Earthly existence and that the Universe is not dictated by time at all. As the restrictions of time do not apply, time can therefore be manipulated by those on Earth who need more or less time. One can also go backwards or forwards in time to send healing or to view past or future events.

Beings who live beyond the Earth’s solar system use time tunnels or portals to travel great distances as a matter of course and there are many humans who use the timeline for their healing and psychic purposes. The fact that time is only a human construct and does not actually exist means that the concepts of past, present and future do not actually apply, which opens up all manner of possibilities and explanations for those who are aware of this fact. One can be living a past, present and future life all at the same time, and some people are. The majority of humans are not aware of this and for good reason, as the manipulation of past or future events could be disastrous. However, for those who have vivid dreams or premonitions of events that later come true or who remember people, places or events from the past that you have never met or witnessed, this information is helpful and welcome.

Think about a time when you felt you had been somewhere or met a person before, even though you were certain you hadn’t. This is an example of the present colliding with either a past life or a distant past in this life, or the future that hasn’t yet happened. Equally, if you have had a time where you felt you were not quite present and your energy was scattered or fractured, particularly if you were having flashes or visions at the time, it is an indication you were experiencing life in two time frames at the same time.

The manipulation of time on the timeline can be used to benefit oneself only if it has no direct impact on any other person. For instance, if you are late for work you can as for time to be stretched by a certain time, such as ten minutes, to allow you to arrive on time. The important stipulation is that you make sure it is ‘put back’ afterwards. If there was an accident in the past that caused injury to a person, the timeline can be used to go back to the exact time that it happened to send light and healing and to lift trauma for the person during the accident. This kind of healing is extremely powerful and can result in much improved recovery outcomes for the victim. Any healing must always be asked for the person’s highest and best.

The manipulation of time can also be used to cause harm to other people; there is nothing to stop anyone from using their free will in this way. However, to do so is to immediately activate the wheel of karma which will affect the direction the instigator’s life path takes towards their destiny. One should always use the tools of the universe for the greater good and with the highest and best intentions, or the repercussions will be swift and unrelenting.

Just because Earth revolves around the restrictions of time does not mean that there are no options available who wish to benefit themselves, loved ones and the planet in a positive way. For instance, if you wish to join with others in an Earth healing at a certain time but are unable to be there, either in person or psychically, simply hold the intention that your energy be joined with the group in the healing at that time and it will be. If you wish to witness it yourself as if you are there, you can go backwards or forwards on the timeline and engage in the group healing at the appropriate time. You can then project your energy to the planet and actually witness it happening. Working on the timeline in this way is possible to do hours, days, weeks or even years after the event.

Dear Ones, time and money are simply energy. So too are thoughts, intentions and any act of consciousness. When one consciously intends to send energy, whether it be money, love, healing or thoughts, (well-intentioned or otherwise) to a particular person, event or place, it will occur and have impact upon that person, event or place. The transmission of energy creates more energy, and the vibration of the creation will depend on the vibration of the original intention. So, if the energy that is sent is positive and intended with love and for the higher good, the energy created from that will produce more positive energy and the impact will be beneficial for all concerned. However, if the intention behind the energy is false, malicious and deliberately meant to cause harm then the impact of that will rebound on the sender and create energy of a much darker vibration.

In the manipulation of time then, the intention and thought processes must be of the utmost integrity. There must be no attempt to change past events or to manipulate the future for one’s or another’s benefit at the expense of the truth. What is past is past and cannot be changed, but what can be changed are the negative effects of past events on human emotions, interactions or trauma to the physical body. One can go back to the event and clear the energy in a heated exchange, alter the words that were spoken or send light to cushion the impact of a car accident. The vibration of intentions can be changed, but the actual course of events cannot — if is against spiritual law.

Do not allow yourself to be ruled or hindered by time, Dear Ones, and use it to your advantage. However time, as a precious resource, must be used wisely and with the highest and best intentions if you are to reap the most benefit. Make time for the people and things that are important in your live and do not waste time on trivial matters, worries, gossip or people who deny your friendship or who do not value you as you deserve. Life is short but, in the universe, you have all the time you need!

I AM Archangel Michael.


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