Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: A Simple Meditation

A Simple Meditation

Meditation is not easy for everyone, nor does everyone find time or feel connected enough to meditate at all. Prayer and meditation are ways for humans to feel connected to God; whether it be in a religious context or through spiritual connection to the ALL, feeling connected is crucial to prevent people feeling lost, alone or abandoned. There are many guided meditation courses, teachers and books out there that can assist people to meditate, but there are also many forms and many definitions of what meditation is. However one does it, it is vital that every person finds a spiritual connection to their divine selves because the more people do this the higher the vibration of the world will be.

Most people in the world project themselves out to the world – they argue, debate, complain, express their opinion. They are the ones who most need to look within! The loud ones are often the least self-aware and cannot, or will not, moderate their thoughts or behaviour in response to sensitive situations. They are also the ones who need to receive gratification and acknowledgement from others.

Self-aware people are able to look within and acknowledge their worth without needing others to verify it for them. They feel connected to and loved by the Creator, sometimes without consciously knowing it but they always feel acknowledged and safe without needing others to tell them. Being self-aware means that one is able to monitor one’s own thoughts and behaviours and to correct anything that is from the ego and not of integrity. One becomes more aware of themselves as energy in action and as a part of the Divine whole. In the energy of the Creator, everything and everyone is connected with no separation, so all thoughts and actions affect the whole world, not just to whom they may be directed.

Simple meditations that calm the mind and the heart will go a long way to sending calming energy out to the collective human consciousness and to the energy waves that affect human psyche. When you stop, breathe and become one with the all, you have the ability to connect to the universal mind which is God’s mind. In a meditative state there are no boundaries; the mind expands to accept universal truth and the knowledge that only love is real. The healing potential of a meditative and connected mind is unlimited and a powerful force for good, not just for the world but also for one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The following meditation can be undertaken anywhere and only takes a few minutes. It can be done frequently through the day to allow for the release of tension, stress and fatigue.

Stop where you are and feel your feet firmly grounded on the floor. Close your eyes or cast them downwards and take focus your energy on your navel. Take a slow breath in, expanding your abdomen, then breathe out, collapsing your abdomen and expelling all of the air. On every outbreath, all the while focusing your attention on your navel, send your energy down into your abdomen and feel your body relaxing. On every inbreath consciously feel yourself recharging. Breathe in life and breathe out stress. Recharge and relax, thinking only of your abdomen and your breath. Do this for as long as you need to – one minute, five minutes or ten, and as often as you feel the need and you will notice a considerable increase in your energy levels and decline in your stress levels.

It really is that simple!

I AM yours in love and light,




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