Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: A Message for Humanity

Beneath the sea at a very great depth there is a landform that was once on land, not under water. This landform is very vast and covers the length and breadth of a continent as big as Asia. There are mountains and rivers, flat plains and caves. There were once forests with trees as tall as 50 story buildings. This is a lost land, one of legends, and its story contains a lesson for humanity today.

The reality of the Earthly plane today is of a low vibration dimensionally. Third dimensional energy is represented by human ego that thwarts connection to the pure vibration of God, which is unconditional and non-judgmental. Any deed done in the name of God in the Third Dimension is not representative of God, the Creator’s energy and comes from a human need for power, domination and rule. There are many stories about lost lands, in particular Lemuria and Atlantis, whose origins were from outside of this solar system and whose minds were of a much higher order than humans today because they were totally connected to the universal mind. Lack of separation meant that everyone lived in harmony with the earth and there was no need for one person or race to dominate another.

A shift in polarity on Earth brought many people in touch with their egos and this is where the human race became separated from their Divine connection to Source and stopped listening to their soul speak. There is much information written about the preparedness of Lemurians for this event and I do not wish to revisit words already written. What I do wish to say has much more to do with the human mind and how it has become distant from the sacred heart, sacred mind and sacred wisdom that was left behind by the Ancients. Becoming reconnected to the sacred wisdom that you already hold may save your planet from tyranny, corruption and greed.

It was always planned for humankind to sink into the denser vibration of ego, however there were many lessons lost by the wayside as that happened. While the ego has potential to lead mankind into evil, as has been the case in spectacular fashion across history, there is also a case for using the ego for good. Having an ego is not a bad trait, nor does it make every person evil, yet the way a person uses their ego and is aware of it is the important part. Ego is the part of the mind that tells you how good or bad you are and how you measure up in comparison to other people. Some people believe that they are better than others and have what is called an ‘inflated’ ego. Those whose self-worth is low and who believe they are worth nothing are still in ego, as are people who are obsessed with their own weight, looks, wealth or status in life. Being in ego perse is not the issue, it is the actions one takes when one is listening to ones’ self-talk and how it affects one’s interaction with other people.

The lessons from the lost lands; i.e. Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and to a lesser extent, Lemuria, are all fairly much the same: greed and the search for immeasurable power will project one onto a path that is cyclic in nature and devastating in its consequences. The resulting inequality of the masses and the unrest that results will bring about downfall after downfall, but dictator will always be replaced by dictator because the heady smell of corruption is much stronger than the gentle perfume of love. Once a soul has succumbed to the call of ego in the lowest vibration, the swing of the pendulum is swift and the consequences long-lasting. If one were to examine the dictators of history, including some prime ministers and presidents, kings and queens, one would see an alarming pattern of rise to fame, fortune and power at the expense of the wealth and freedom of many followed by an uprising of the downtrodden and a consequential fall from the ivory tower, only to be replaced by a seeming ‘saviour’ who, after a taste of popularity and fame, then falls into the trap of ego and eventually treads the same path.

Overcoming the human ego’s need for recognition and quest for power is difficult in the Third Dimension, which is why it is so important for people to work hard to rise into a higher dimensional consciousness that will allow them to see the world beyond the scope of their immediate environment and circumstances. Humans on Earth are on the opposite trajectory to the inhabitants of the old worlds whose fall from an ascended state brought the Earth into the Third Dimension.  However, since Ascension took place on the 12/12/12 there has been a steady awakening of the human consciousness that is slowly bringing the Earth back to oneness.

There are many who wish to keep the Earth from Ascension and, in some areas of the world, they are succeeding to condition the minds of the people through fear and manipulation. However, as all in the Universe is one, the light, love and prayers that Lightworkers and the religious faithful are continuously sending are having a powerful effect Mother Earth’s ability to connect to the higher galactic rays of consciousness which is counteracting the darkness in a multitude of ways.

Continue to pray, dear ones because love is the answer.

That is all there is.

I AM Archangel Michael


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