Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Reflections

Imagine you are in the bush by a beautiful, still lake. You are surrounded by trees and the sky is blue. Look in the water and what do you see? Would you describe your reflection as beautiful or ugly? Everything in life is a reflection like water in a lake reflects its surroundings. People attract to them what they are giving out in terms of their interactions, feelings and negativity or positivity. If your reflection is ugly you must reflect on whether you have been judgemental about others or yourself, participating in gossip or thinking about others in a negative way. If your reflection is beautiful, you can rest assured that you are a shining beacon for others, yet you must remain vigilant, as the human ego can change a person’s vibration in an instant when feelings of insecurity are triggered.

Reflections can be changed with reflection! It is important to take time to consider why you are reacting in a certain way to others or they to you, or why there are so many negative events happening in your life, because the reasons will always come back to your own attitude, feelings and emotions. What is it within you that is attracting negativity? What are you feeling and where does that come from? Reflection can bring change when one is honest about the behaviour in oneself that is attracting lower vibrations.

The world is full of people ready to blame other people for things that have gone wrong in their lives. An unfortunate human trait is to deny the truth to save face, even when it is blatantly obvious that lies are being told. The more lies a person tells the less credibility they will have in the eyes of others who are reliant on them or their services, as deceit strips away all integrity. In the Age of Aquarius no person can withold the truth of any matter for a lifetime – the truth will always be revealed eventually, with the consequences quite often much more catastrophic than they would have been, had the truth been told in the first place. The long-term effects of hiding the truth are that the lies create an alternate reality which puts the creator in a precarious position – the more lies they tell the more they have to lose. Consequently, many people in this position become devious, secretive and extremely defensive, proving to many who doubt their sincerity in no doubt of their guilt. In creating a smokescreen to hide the truth people create a future where their fall from grace is both spectacular and embarrassing. In many cases they defend their alternate reality to the grave, fooling only themselves in the process.

Many people are ashamed to show the world who they really are for fear of judgement or rejection. Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of changing your ways or hiding your true self to please other people, dear ones. Difference is what makes the Earth such an interesting place to live, yet it is also the cause of so much judgement, hatred and war amongst different races, creeds and religions. Why is it such a crime to be different when, in God’s eyes everyone and thing is one and loved unconditionally? If you have judged yourself or another for their looks, their mannerisms, their odd behaviour or their differing views you must ask yourself why? Why do you need to defame or criticise another person? The answer will be found when you reflect on how you feel about yourself. People who lack self-love and acceptance, are insecure in their relationships or are lacking in confidence often find it much easier to blame or criticise and to engage in negative talk about others than to face the truths about themselves.

Facing one’s own truth is never an easy task, particularly if one has spent the best part of their lives burying it in deception and lies, and especially if the person has committed a crime. To tell the truth is to release the skeletons out of the closet and to allow people to see the ugliness that one has carefully hidden from the world, including oneself. However, once the past has been released and the truth told the healing can begin. Healing can be painful yet also incredibly cathartic as old patterns of behaviour and negative thoughts can be replaced by new, positive ones.

So, gaze into the lake and look honestly at your reflection. What energetic footprints have you left behind? Have you left a trail of psychic hooks and attacks or of love and light? What emotional baggage are you still holding onto that causes you to seek love and acceptance outside of yourself rather than being able to give it to yourself. Who are you blaming as causing your problems when you have made the choices and actions yourself? Be honest, dear ones and begin the healing process sooner rather than later. The more emotional baggage every person unloads is less for Mother Earth to carry.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)




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