Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is where all souls meet in spirit.  The term ‘astral travel’ means that one travels to a different dimension; it is usually done in sleep but many do it when awake in a meditative state.

The Astral Plane is in the Fourth Plane but it is of a different dimension to that of the spirit world. This is to allow human spirits still in form to visit there to continue their lightwork or to meet with their guides and soul family. It is extremely important that people do make these connections in their sleep, for those who don’t easily lose their way in the illusions and dramas of the waking world.

The feeling that accompanies astral travel and the knowledge that it is happening includes ‘out of body’ experiences, finding yourself coming back into your body as you wake up or waking up with a jolt (as your spirit comes back in). Some people have no knowledge of their nighttime adventures other than a feeling of unwarranted fatigue during the day. Other people are well aware that they travel in their sleep and a few can remember what happened, mostly through vivid dreams.

The war between dark and light is also occurring on the astral plane, which makes it a dimension of ultimate duality and deep illusion. The spiritual laws that apply on this plane mean that it is easy for a person’s spirit to become swept up in the illusion that all is separate and that light must overcome dark. To enter the fight is a great danger, as one leaves energy imprints wherever one travels in spirit, even in sleep. Once you willingly enter into the fight, even if it is unwittingly, you open up doors that can lead to you to be targeted by those who follow the dark road. Those who have done so have found their energies being drained and some have needed professional help to clear and cleanse their energy.

The Astral Plane is a meeting ground that has its uses but is not of a high enough vibration to be a recommended place to consciously meet with your guides. Before you go to sleep, or enter a meditative state, specify that you wish to meet you guides and soul family in the upper fifth plane or the dimension that is the highest, best and safest for you. If you know or suspect that you astral travel frequently, hold the intention that your spirit be protected from attack whilst you sleep.

I AM AA Michael.  VC



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