Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: When Love Causes Pain

Your lightbody is your ethereal body. You were born from the light and you will return to the light when you die; in this form you are pure love. Your whole existence is born from a peaceful and loving intention. When souls are born into existence on Earth in human form, they learn what it is to hate and to fear. They also learn what it feels like to be in love and to be loved. An emotional existence such as this can cause great joy, but it can also cause immense heartache and pain.

For people in a non-ascended state, broken love can lead to the lower vibrations of revenge and spite. It can lead to jealousy, rage, vindictiveness and anger. In the state of the ego one tends to focus on self and how one has been affected by the spurning of another or by a broken relationship. If one’s love is not returned one may feel great sorrow and pity for self and may be tempted to gossip or bad-mouth that person. In the Third Dimension, when love is going well all will seem joyous, but if it is not then love can turn to hate very quickly.

For people who have raised their conscious awareness to the upper levels of the Fourth Dimension  there may be sorrow, naturally, but the ability to see the reason behind every word and every action will make it much easier for them to forgive and to move on. The bigger picture is easier to see in the higher dimensions; being able to see things from the other person’s point of view, not just one’s own, brings a much more peaceful and swifter resolution to matters if events have not turned out as one has hoped. In this higher state it is also easier for a person to examine the part they played in the breakdown of the relationship and how they can work on the traits that are less attractive to others. If people can do this they will be taking steps to avoid future relationships do going the same way.

The ability to be loved and to give love to another is very dependent on how a person has been treated when they were young. A child who feels safe and loved will grow up to give and receive love much more easily than one who has never felt the unconditional love of a parent, or one who has felt unsafe and unworthy all of their lives. The memories of childhood, either positive or otherwise, will always have a very strong influence on a person’s ability to be in a stable, loving relationship as an adolescent or adult. The damage to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies will either show their presence in the physical body or in the person’s inability to form close attachments later in life. Whatever has happened in the past must be resolved and healed for any affected person to be able to totally commit to a loving relationship and then be able to make it work.

As people are raising their vibrations towards bringing in their lightbody, they must beware that it is easy to be dragged down into Third Dimensional vibrations and feelings very quickly. It is a constant work in progress to keep one’s chakras, aura and bodies clear of lower energies and other people’s dramas. If you are a person who has unresolved issues from the past. Ask us, the Masters of Light, to assist you to remain focused on love and peace, rather than hatred, war and revenge. Ask us also for healing for your broken heart and your restless state of mind. You do not need to go through anything alone, nor should you ever think that you are.

We are one.

I AM forever in service to you.

Lord Melchizadek


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