Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Wonder of Trees


Trees are the centurions of our world. They stand guard, sometimes for centuries, producing life-giving oxygen and absorbing toxic carbon-dioxide. They provide food, shelter and resources for animals and humans alike, and are both plundered and revered by the human race.

The aura of a healthy tree emits a powerful energy that radiates out to the world. Trees do much more than just hold soil in place and oxygenate the air – they emit a pure vibrational frequency that resounds with the knowledge of the universe. Trees are of the Second Plane of Existence but they hold a vibrational frequency of oneness with the Creator because they just are. In the energy of the Creator everything just is and is held in unconditional love; there are no conditions or expectations of return or exchange, other than what is needed for survival. The energy emitted by the trees of the world, whether they be hundred-year old giants or one-year old saplings, is the same. They provide shelter for birds, insects and animals, oxygen and stability and take their nutrients and water from the environment that they sustain. They give and sustain life and they also provide a place of refuge for many beings, human and non-human alike. If you have ever felt the energy of a healthy tree, really felt it, the strength, power and joyful vibrations emitted would have had you in awe. Trees stand as representatives of the wonder of Creation and they can teach humans much about what it is to live a peaceful existence in total harmony and acceptance of oneself and one’s environment.

Trees have a long history beyond the Earth as we know it as druids in the world of Atlantis, which was a magical yet very orderly world. The people used the laws of the universe to their advantage, yet they also honoured the natural world. They lived respectfully and sustainably for many thousands of centuries until the human ego reared its ugly head and the world of Atlantis fell. Druids were of the trees, that is, their essence came from the soul of trees yet they lived apart from them. They were not human and were of the Second Plane, so their energies were akin to fairies and elementals. They lived by the ethos of reciprocity or everything in exchange, so what they gave out they demanded back in equal measure. They were part of the system of guardianship of the natural world and they worked symbiotically with all of the elements to maintain balance in the ecosystems of Atlantis. The lived amongst and in the trees and forests, maintaining their own territories in harmony with other plants, animals and humans. When Atlantis fell they became immobile and their essence merged with and became one with the trees and their guardianship of the Earth continues today.

The law of cyclic return mandates that all human life returns from death to life in a physical body to continue its soul journey to mastery. While humans continue to struggle with concepts they cannot understand beyond a physical existence, nature itself has achieved what humans strive and often fail to do, which is to exist in harmony and in symbiosis with each other, creating balance and structure. The natural world is a perfect example of mastery, because without intervention from man or other intelligent beings it has evolved and existed for millions of years. Nature has mastered what Man has not: oneness with the universe. Trees are nature’s Masters and must be honoured for their service. The human consumption of wood is controversial only when it is not sustainable. Even old-growth trees that have stood for centuries must one day die and be replaced. Protected species have only become endangered through lack of respect for the environment and the human need for profit and gain, no matter the cost. It is therefore understandable that those humans who connect with and wish to protect nature would be up in arms about any tree, particularly an old growth one, being destroyed for human consumption. The key to maintaining balance between the human and natural worlds does not lie in complete protection, but rather in sustainable harvesting that continues the cycle of life and death.

So, place your hand on a tree and feel its life-force resonate with yours. Its simplicity of existence is a lesson for all mankind: stand your ground and draw your strength and power from the Earth, giving back to it in equal measure. Trees, dear ones, are the finest example of oneness on Earth that you can see amongst the chaos of the human illusion of separation.

The Creator of All That Is





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