Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: A Christ-mas Meditation

Seat yourself comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe in and out  on a total count of eight, relaxing your shoulders and muscles more with each outbreath.

Now, in your minds-eye see (or visualise) a golden star. It is surrounded by a bluish light and its golden colour is captivating. As you concentrate on the star, you see another one forming on the outside of it, then another and another until there are stars multiplying rapidly all around it. You are now in a sea of stars and, as you watch or imagine, you become one with them all. YOU are now a golden star surrounded by blue light and a million other stars just like you.

You become aware that the star is the Christ Consciousness and that you are one with it. In fact, this beautiful consciousness is always a part of you, connected to you and able to be accessed at all times. Floating in the golden light, you feel safe, loved and totally protected.

As this love floods your body you become aware of another connection: that of the Creator of All That Is. His light is a luminous bluish-white, his love is unconditional and, in his light, truth is absolute. You are one with the Creator and with the Christ Consciousness, the love that binds the universe together.

Watch now as the Angel of Hope comes before you and bestows you with a gift of a shining orb. The colour and size are particular for you and, as you hold this gift you instinctively know where to place it : in your heart– space, your third eye or maybe one of your chakras. This orb is a healing sphere and will resolve, heal and dissolve any past karma, trauma or contract that is still binding you but no longer serves you. Feel the loving and healing energy as you release the past. Allow your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, your aura, chakras, organs and cells to be cleansed, aligned, balanced and activated to a higher frequency of light.

Finally, before you bring yourself back to awareness, sit still in the energy of Christ and God and just be, for this is YOUR OWN energy, YOUR love and YOUR higher self. You are a co-creator and a spoke of the Divine wheel, able to create a world where all people are accepted, loved unconditionally and united. Feel the power of your own Divinity and bring it back to your conscious mind to spread to the world throughout your day.

The second coming, dear ones, is each and every person on Earth claiming and accepting their Divine blueprint and living the Christ Consciousness on Earth.

I AM Jesus (Jeshua ben Joseph) and I love you with all that I have and all that I am. WE ARE one.



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