Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: A Christmas Message

Greetings and many blessings. Many hundreds of years have passed since I came to Earth to bring God’s word. My sacrifice has been retold countless times and is relived every Christmas by Christians all around the world. There are many people who believe in other religions and adhere to other traditions – that is their right and privilege, for belief in any religion is a choice and a way to know God but not mandatory. God does not require anything for Him to love you, for He does so unconditionally no matter what religion, creed, gender, race or class.

The Christmas holiday season may not mean anything to those who do not subscribe to religion other than making time for family. If this is the case then it is a fact to be celebrated! When people make a time to connect to each other and to give and receive love then they are doing so in oneness with the Creator for everyone on Earth is connected to each other through their connection to God’s light. You were all born from the light and you will go to the light when you die. You are a Divine thread forever tied to God’s essence and are therefore a living, breathing Light-being who carries the particles of the Creator within you. You are a co-creator and a magical being who creates with every breath, thought, word and deed. You are forever connected to God whether you are aware of this fact or not. Therefore it is not required that anyone attend a place of worship once a week to pray to God, not are any restrictions required to gain his love or forgiveness.

My coming has long passed but the love that I carried for the world remains in every living being on Earth, either plant, animal or human, because my love is carried in your cells and DNA. You are never apart from me because I form a part of the Universal Christ Consciousness that calls every living thing into existence. The Christ Consciousness is not a religious representation, nor does it represent my physical presence on Earth alone. Rather, it is the golden thread of intention that unites all living matter together. It represents the intention that all living things exist in an energy of love, peace, tolerance and unity within the structure of the Seven Planes of Existence.

Nothing on Earth, or indeed in the Universe, can exist as a separate entity. All in the Universe is connected and united as one, for everything is created from the one source – the Creator of All That Is. There is no need for religion or sacrifice of freedom of expression in the energy of the Creator, for His love is unconditional. There is no-one or nothing in the Universe that is not loved by Him or that is not connected to Him. His love just is.

This Christmas, go to church if you feel the need but do not go out of a sense of duty or obligation. Christmas may exist as a recognition of my birth but I do not require anyone to worship me. In fact, I would much rather that you love and worship yourself for, in doing so, you are loving and worshipping God, Mother Earth and every one living on it. The love you give is my love, the Creator’s love, Mother Earth’s love…. there is no separation. So, spend time with your family. Show compassion to the poor and disadvantaged. Give as generously as you can to charity and be kind to the environment. Spreading love and light to the world from your heart wherever you are will have ten times the impact on yourself and those around you than going to church because it is expected of you. If the only thing anyone did at Christmas was to reunite with a loved one, to show kindness to a stranger or to spend catch up time with loved ones in the vibration of happiness, joy and love they would be in the energy of the Christ Consciousness resulting in a significant increase in their own vibrations and of those around them. If you could see the ripple effect this kind of love has on the world, you would be astounded.

Feel love and be love. That is all you need to do at Christmas and every day of the year.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph, otherwise known as Jesus.

Victoria Cochrane




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