Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Oceans

The seas of the world are vast and plentiful. The life they sustain is varied and often mysterious or still unknown to humans. The separation of life between land and water means that the forms of life have different appearances, different attributes and different purposes. While all animals on Earth, whether they live on land or the sea, feed on or are food for other animals, there seems to be no reason for their existence other than to eat, breed, sustain other life forms and to maintain the overall balance of the natural world. That in part is true; however, the main purpose for any life form to exist is to bring the love of the Creator to the world through its very core, which is connected to Source and therefore is created from the Adamantine Particles of Creation.

Land animals are nurtured by the sun and rain, while animals in the depths of the ocean survive with very little light and on the tiniest particles for food. Their survival is based on instinct, self-sufficiency and sustainability. If there were a lesson for humans to be learnt from sea life, from the largest whale down to the single-celled amoeba, it would be that life is not about doing. To live life on Earth, all one need do is to exist in the integrity in which it was created and to be true to itself in every second of its existence. Life in the natural world just is, and humans could do well to consider this fact.

Oceans separate land forms around the world, as do rivers and lakes and, while there is much more water than land in area across the globe, the balance between elements in different areas of the world creates different kinds of eco-systems, climates and terrains. Without the great oceans of the world, no other water would exist on the planet, as the water cycle relies on the evaporation from the seas. The importance of the tidal system around the world can also not be overlooked, as tides bring in food for the shallow dwellers and crustaceans. Without the tidal movement there would be such an imbalance in the shoreline eco-systems that many beaches would be uninhabitable.

The ebb and flow of the tides can be equated to the ebb and flow of life. What washes in to the shore in one tide can be very different the next time and it cannot be controlled or planned upon. The same can be said for life. While humans can plan and save money for the future, events and circumstances can change in a very instant, altering the course of one’s life. These kinds of changes can be for the better and be fortuitous, or they can be devastating and heart-breaking. Whatever life brings in for you, just like the tides, will either stay or alter your course and the consequences may stay with you forever.

Water gives life and it can also take it away. To fear water is to fear tapping into your deepest emotions, because the element of water symbolises emotional balance and harmony. To dream of water in different states signifies various emotional states ranging from inner peace and calmness to raging turmoil and unrest. Dehydration in a human will bring depression, lethargy, disconnectedness, a loss of the will to live and then death. No life form can go longer than three days without water in its system and the damage that dehydration does to the physical body is catastrophic. Considering that humans all have four bodies, only one of which is physical, one must consider how water affects the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. As the human body and all other life forms are comprised of up to 80% water, the connection to creation, to nature, to the Earth and to each other is dependent on connectedness to the four sacred elements: air for the breath, earth for grounding and connectedness, fire for passion and purpose and water for emotional stability.

The four sacred elements represent facets of the consciousness of the Creator which, when combined, form the essence of oneness. When water is present all elements are represented, for fire is below the earth and air is above the water. Connection of the human spirit to the all relies on connection to all four elements most of the time in order for people to feel grounded and balanced and there is no better place than beside the ocean or a river to feel this.

No other planet in the Universe contains oceans as vast in area or containing the diversity of life as Earth does. The oceans of the Earth are therefore extremely unique and must be protected from pollution and over-fishing. When respect is shown it will be returned and it is up to all humans on Earth to stand up for the natural world and to keep it as balanced as possible, because nature and humans are one; when one is out of balance, so will the other be.

WE ARE Archangel Michael and Lord Melchizadek.


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