Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Regaining Your Voice

Greetings and blessings to you,

The world has erupted in anger at the brutality and killing of black American people. This is nothing new. Protest has, in the past, caused a stir but not a lot has changed over time in the psyche of humans who treat certain cultures, races and genders with disrespect, hatred and wrath.

While intentional brutality against any human goes against human rights and spiritual law, the aggressive and emotional reaction across the world has actually inflamed matters rather than helping. Such anger will only serve to create more hatred and accelerate the feelings of segregation amongst different groups of people. How can this serve humanity or create positive change?

What has happened over the centuries against people deemed to be different, lesser or unworthy by certain cultures and religions is not acceptable, but how people react to any situation will either create more of the same or begin to create positive change, depending on their perspective and demeanour.

People who rule by fear look for weakness. Once they find a way to manipulate and control through creating fear in the people whom they are targeting. There is always a purpose for impinging on others’ free will and that can only be to serve self. In doing so, however, one risks invoking the wheel of karma and of making their journey towards enlightenment longer and much more difficult.

What you project out to the world invokes the Law of Attraction and will be delivered back to you in the same vibration. So, if you are sending out negativity, that is what you will attract back. The more negative, the harder it will be for you to feel any kind of love or joy, bringing about feelings of loneliness, abandonment, poverty and depression. However, if you have a positive outlook and are emitting love and joy, appreciation and gratitude, the energy returned to you will be friendship, love, abundance and wealth on all levels.

Those in power will always seek to oppress through violence, fear and domination, but the only way to change this behaviour is through disengagement from the energy in every way. Taking a step back means that you can allow yourself to view what is happening without feeling emotionally involved. Once the emotion is removed, any response you make will be more considered, more purposeful and much more powerful.

Disengagement does not mean you do nothing. If one of your family is murdered or you are a victim of a crime of course you will feel angry, scared or sad. Of course you will want to bring the perpetrator/s to justice, but allowing the low vibrations to drag you down is not the answer and will only fuel the fire, making the problem worse.

What can you project out to the world that is pure in its essence and of the highest vibration of light? Love is the only energy that transmits a frequency high enough to transcend the weaker and denser vibrations of the Third Dimension. Love is always the answer, even if it is hard to forgive those who have done so much wrong. How can you act in the energy of love whilst holding those who have overstepped the mark to account?

Speaking your truth with love will always hold much more power than it will if fuelled by angry emotions. Holding your ground with silent determination and empowerment will be much more deafening than any violent protest. Loving yourself enough to remove yourself from the energy all together is the most powerful thing you can do to give yourself space to consider all your options before speaking is the most important thing to do because actions on the wings of emotion will never be as effective and could just result in a larger sacrifice of energy on your part.

Standing up in the face of oppression has caused many people their lives. It is one thing to do so in a country that permits freedom of expression, but in countries that rule as a dictatorship, as a communist rule, or in a country that are dominated by the male ego, speaking up and out is dangerous. There is always a choice, even when the only way out is death. For many under communist rule, a dictatorship, or women who are oppressed through their culture and religion, freedom is a dream that haunts them in their sleep. For people who struggle with poverty, loneliness, domestic violence or mental health issues, the darkness may seem overwhelming. It is time to for change, but the change must come within you before it can begin to change externally.

For people who are not given a voice and who seemingly have no choices available, I speak to you now. As small as you may feel, you matter. In the energy of the Universe where every single thing is united through the unconditional love of Source, you are equally as important as anyone else. You matter and your voice counts. I honour you and I encourage you to begin fighting your situation in the only way possible – through prayer, meditation, the giving of gratitude for what you have and the sending of love to your oppressors. While this advice may seem abhorrent to you, I urge you to do it for a month without judgement or hesitation and keep a journal of it. Do it everyday and I guarantee it will turn your life around.

Sit in a quiet place and connect to the Earth through your base chakra and to the light and love of God, the Creator through your crown. Give thanks for your life, for your health, your wealth and your freedom. Thank the Universe and God for helping you to change your and your family’s situation, for helping your oppressors to learn their lessons and for them to know what unconditional love feels like. Ask for help to be strong in the face of all of your challenges. Ask to be able to feel forgiveness and what love feels like in your heartspace. Ask that you receive help to feel connected to Universal love and empowered to find peace within. Hand all of your worries and fear for the present and future plus all of the anger from the past over to God. Pray, meditate and find your inner calm.

When you feel calm and strong enough to let go of negative emotions and fear and can feel God’s love within you, begin to send it out to the world as a beautiful blanket. Call for the Masters to infuse this blanket with the Violet Flame of Transmutation and wrap the outside world in this energy. Ask that all of the fear, anger, hatred and oppression in the human collective consciousness be cleansed and transmuted to love and sent back to the Earth, in the highest and best way by the Law of Grace. There must be love in your intention and in your heart.

When you make changes to yourself the world changes around you. When you can be more at peace with what you cannot change you will feel less anxious, fearful and stressed and become much clearer about what is happening to you and what you can actually take control of.

Call for help and we will answer you. Feel our love and your will never feel alone again.

I AM the Creator of all that is through Master Afra.



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