Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: Your Weird Dreams Explained!

There is a lot of shifting on the sub-levels of the 4th and lower fifth planes, with many untruths being revealed to souls who have previously hidden behind the safety of illusion. Those souls on the etheric planes are shifting in vibration as are those in a human body and the unrest is causing people to experience dream states that are more reality that dream. Awakened wayshowers are working hard in their dreams to circumvent the attempts of the dark forces to drag innocents back into their web of deceit, causing their dreams to be darker and more disturbing than those who are still in the process of ascension.
Before going to bed, give your angels and guides permission to keep you protected during sleep while assisting you to heal from the past and to embrace your spiritual wakening. Stay grounded and hydrated and keep your energies as clear as possible. The great shift is occurring and realities previously hidden are being revealed. These include those that are both within and outside of each dreamer’s consciousness. If you are finding your dreams are disturbing or very real, a cleansing of your body, mind and emotions may help. Drink plenty of water, eat good food and meditate regularly. Keep a dream journal to record patterns and to find symbols that will help you to interpret the messages that are being shown and revealed to you.
The world is changing and finding your way through the maze of untruths and deceit will be easier when you work to keep your thoughts positive, your minds free of worry and your energy fields unblocked.
I AM The Creator of All That Is

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