Forewarned is Forearmed

Beloveds, never has there been a more uncertain time in the era of humanity. War, the ever-increasing effects of climate change, a global pandemic and new diseases entering left field are enough on their own to keep the world in fear. However, there are many more undercurrents threatening to destabilise the equinox of energies that are circulating the globe that are talked about by some but believed by very few.

I refer to the very faint undertone of lower energy frequencies that are kept humming along by those whose agendas do not include the well-being or even survival of humanity. The incessant tones resonate at quite high frequencies which cannot be heard without intense focus and concentration. It matters not how it is done, but it matters a great deal that people are aware and ready to counteract these waves of sound that are an admirable, if not underhand attempt at keeping humans in fear and therefore firmly in the grips of third dimensional energy.

The languages of the Universe are coded through sound and light frequencies – music, song, voice, colour, vibrations – and numerical codes and sacred geometry. It is therefore extremely possible for the dark forces to use the media, social media and digital technologies to generate lower frequency codes to the masses. When you become aware that they are there you will become more attuned to what form they are generated and how they are delivered. If you really tune into your body at these times, you may notice that your mood, energy levels and though processes slow down, become sluggish and much more negative in nature.

This is not new information, but the technologies used now to hook into and undermine the human energy fields and consciousness are much more sophisticated and efficient. In this way, the dark web of deceit and lies threatens to tighten its grip, preventing the long-promised and awaited ascension of humanity from ever successfully happening.

However, knowledge is power and it is in this missive I say to you, forewarned is forearmed. Do not fall into the intended slumber that is intended to keep you disconnected from your spiritual self and higher truth of the Universe. Stay alert and aware that nothing told to you from human, higher powers can be taken at face value. Begin to be a critical listener and thinker, sifting between the layers of ‘truth’ to undercover the lies. They lurk merely below the surface!

Take back your power, Dear Hearts, and learn to trust your gut feelings, the nagging doubts and the cynical questions that have arisen with every new attack on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of humans on a global scale. Become more connected to Mother Earth and the Universe than ever before, through walking in and just being in nature, meditating or engaging in grounding, meditative practices such as yoga, tai chi and qu-gong. Work through the layers of trauma, indoctrination, self-recriminations and religious mistruths that have become embedded in your psyche until you can become one with yourself and accepting of your path. It is only when one is truly one with themselves, Mother Earth and the Universe that they will become much more able to discern the truth from the lies, to stay positive amongst the negativity and to lift themselves and others up out of the mire.

It is already happening and ascension is almost complete. Be aware, forewarned and forearmed, Dear Ones, for love, truth, honour and unity are humanity’s only way forward beyond the darkness of these times.

I Am Archangel Uriel


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