Universal Overload

People may view the cosmos as unchanging, however, as the evolution of living species on Earth continues, so does that of the multiple Universes within the Omniverse. There are many intelligent lifeforms existing within each galaxy, some with form and many without, giving the Universe itself a multi-dimensional consciousness that can be both misleading and awe-inspiring in its knowledge.

Most alien lifeforms are neutral in their allegiance and wish to continue their existence; therefore what happens on Earth is of great interest to them. Many wish to help and only a very few are here to dominate or destroy – as the overriding and underlying energy of Creation is unconditional love, any species, including humans, who put their needs at the expense of another’s free will is traversing Spiritual Law and will immediately activate the laws of cause and effect.

That being as it may, there are many awakened souls on Earth who are experiencing intensive cosmic energy and/or visitations, both when awake and in their sleep, causing some disruption to their own energy. Some are receiving large amounts of information, most of which is indecipherable and of no use to them. Those who can understand the downloads are being overwhelmed and overtaken by the intenseness of the energy and the frequency of the messages.

Ascension has essentially occurred and, as the energy integrates and souls make their final choices, the Earth is experiencing huge waves of grief as many souls choose their death doors. War, terror, crimes against humanity and incessant bids for domination and control by predominantly male energies is making civilized Earth an extremely challenging place to be. Nothing, we repeat, nothing is as it seems or can be taken at face value, making personal spiritual practices a must. The problem with opening one’s crown to universal energy, however, is that, with free will and an open heart, one can unwittingly open their energy up to more than one bargained for! That is happening to many people now.

The messages being sent from other planets, star groups and intelligent life forms are mostly to benefit Earth and its people. The intention is good and trustworthy, but the energy is far too high for the physical body to receive without effects of great disequilibrium and disruption felt by the individual. If this is happening to you, steps must be taken to shield your energy from receiving too much energy at once.

Most people astral travel in their sleep and experience dreams that seem real. At this time of Universal expansion, attempts by other worlds to connect with human minds is at an all-time high. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but one must remember that alien beings of a higher intellect do not think as humans do, nor do they feel emotional attachment. Their interest is only to ensure that the integrity of the Universe as an intelligent and evolving consciousness be maintained and given the chance to achieve its fullest potential.

Do not allow yourself to be overcome by energy you neither need nor understand. Call upon your archangel guides or the Creator to protect you as you sleep, and call upon a healer or psychic seer if you continue to experience cosmic interference.

I AM Saint Germain


Creating Your Own Peace on Earth

Are you at peace with yourself? Have you been able to create a safe haven for yourself in your heart that radiates out to your home, your partner, family, friends and wider community?

The phrase, “Home is where the heart is” reflects the true nature of inner peace because, when a person is truly happy within themselves they will be happy to live anywhere. It is the highest truth that peace on Earth is not dependent on companies, governments or corporations, not is it even dependent on spiritual or religious groups. It is dependent only upon each every individual accepting themselves and coming to terms with who they are and the life they have lived. Reaching a state of inner peace is up to no-one else but the individual themselves, for nothing will change unless every single person takes responsibility for they way they think, act, behave and create.

There is a chance now, as the Third Dimensional world collapses in on top of itself, to create your own sanctuary or patch of ‘Heaven.’ I refer both to a physical place such as where you live, but also within yourself. It must happen, as the outer world is now experiencing the greatest shift in consciousness that it ever has, and the impact on those who have not completed their contracts is potentially dire.

Soul contracts of learning are ending for most older people on the planet, unless they have chosen a path that deviates from their original plan when reincarnating. As a person realises and accepts their own truth, the path before them widens and opens up a myriad of possibilities. Those who remain cloaked in veils of illusion run the risk of losing their way in the distortionate realities that are a result of Third and Fourth Dimensional thinking that is embedded in ego, physical pain and illness and separation from the Source of Creation.

There are a million different realities, emotions and limiting belief systems that humanity as a whole projects every second of every day. The resulting ‘soup’ of positivity and negativity in the Human Collective Consciousness that hits people in waves at random moments in time means that human behaviour can be increasingly unreliable, unpredictable and uncontrolled, if the person is disconnected from their higher self and thus from Source. Those who have awakened and have worked to keep their consciousness predominantly above the denser consciousness of the masses are much more equipped to keep themselves clear or to extract themselves from the treacle-like energy if they have let their guard down.

Thus, Peace on Earth amongst all peoples of the world is not a realistic goal, nor can it ever be realised as a face-value possibility. However, the energies that once governed humanity as a whole are not as they were, and the matrix of lies and deception woven into the realities of the masses are breaking down. This is because the light of the Creator is shining through so many more hearts of people who have aligned to their Divine Blueprints and reunited with their soul song. The world as we knew it is no longer, nor could it sustain the higher vibrational energies coming from the Earth herself as she has integrated the golden rays of ascension into her crystalline core. As Mother Earth vibrates to a much higher frequency, so it is that humanity is experiencing a dynamic but also catastrophic shift into a new paradigm whose reality for those who have shifted with it is much more immediate, faster paced but also far more removed from the lower energies of unascended humans.

If you have experienced a shift in your reality, it will be noticeable to you in ways that are not visible to the eye. Yes, your environment is still the same. The people in your family, your friends, your street, your community is all the same in appearance. The difference is that what matters to you will have changed; your priorities, what you perceive to be important and how to you live your live, what you eat, watch, read, believe will all be much more aligned to the values and attributes of spiritual law which is underpinned by oneness and love that is unconditional.  There will be many human ways that become more intolerable and much less understandable, and you will become a wayshower for others as you practice non-judgement, tolerance and peaceful ways of managing difficult or challenging situations or behaviours in others. Your calmness will be a magnet for others and they will feel better just by being near you.

The biggest change, however, will be the peace, gratitude and happiness you feel within for the life you are living and the abundance of love, friendship and opportunities for spiritual, financial and personal growth that just seems to keep coming your way. You are creating, or have created your own Peace on Earth which is now radiating out to the Earth and those around you in ways you cannot imagine.

We cannot thank you enough!

We Are The Masters of Light

The Empowerment is Yours

As 2022 came to an end, there were many who were not in the least bit sad to see it go. However, can we expect to see a calmer and happier 2023? As the Ascension process continues to accelerate and people become more aware of their spiritual connections beyond religion, the resulting energies will be anything but calm! However, with mindful planning and intention, awakened souls can stay above the storm and help others to do the same.

Energy readers will be seeing a nebula-like energy enveloping the western world at present. As alarming as it looks, the masters of light beseech you to stay centred, grounded and connected to your higher self and the Creator’s loving light. There are several causes of this explosion of energy, but the overarching cause is the clash between light and dark, truth and lies, belief and illusion. As war and the pandemic continue, the watching world grows restless and suspicious. There is no room now for fear, because that only feeds the darkness. What is needed now is watchfulness, clarity of thought and an ability to ‘read between the lines’ as the veil of illusion becomes the thinnest it has ever been.

To live is to love, experience and to create, which is the birthright of every single human on Earth. Yet, around the western world at this time there has been a tightening of restrictions on the rights of many sectors of humanity, women in particular, as men seek to maintain dominance and control over all things. Why stop women working, studying and participating in the world in a meaningful way?  Why stop them from enjoying sex and forcing them to have children that have been conceived through abuse and coercive control? It has always been a man’s world, but yet, in the 23rd year of the 21st century, the rights of women in all societies are the most threatened they have ever been. Why?

Beyond the womb, a baby grows attached to its mother. As she nurtures him/her with her breast and loving words, the child grows and thrives. When there is also a loving masculine energy, the child grows up feeling safe, secure and willing to take risks within healthy boundaries.  To keep women as nothing more than breeding vessels is to take away their power, voice and sense of self. In this quest, the dark forces are attempting to breed an army to control the world and the galaxy beyond. A world full of aggressive men is a fearful thought, yet their attempts to suppress women and other groups will go in vain, because the consciousness of the collective has risen and awoken.

Do not be deceived by the propaganda on the media and the fake news that has been circulating for many years. One can no longer live in the physical world without staying connected to the light, because to do so will cause much disequilibrium, distress and mayhem. There is so much misleading information out there now that truth is well hidden amongst the lies, which are woven into the black matrix more complexly than any spider’s web. If one tried to unravel it or to understand what is happening one would only end up more confused than ever. Let us just say that nothing is as it seems, and things that shouldn’t be are the beginning of the end for the masters of the darkness.

It is time now for awakened souls to take control of their mastery and to manifest the light into every corner of their lives. In doing so, the ripple effect will be great and the light will outshine the darkness. The mind is a powerful tool and the intention behind each thought is the key to the success of its impact.

We, the masters of light, now beseech you, in the energy of the Creator’s unconditional love, to envisage the world in your minds’ eye and envelop it in purple/violet light. Intend that, as the light cleanses toxic emotions and negative thought forms, all innocent people receive love and healing, protection and empowerment then, as the light fades, see the world surrounded in the most beautiful golden grid. As the light intensifies, call in the angelic realm and masters of light to activate the codes of ascension to be accessed by all willing awakened souls in the highest and best way and for their own highest and best. Also give permission for yourself to receive this activation and hold the energy until you feel it is done.

The empowerment is yours. We are ever with you.

WE ARE The Master of the Cosmic Council

Victoria Cochrane

Pockets of Opportunity for Change

In the ebb and flow of the Aurora there are pockets of energy – time warps if you like, that are subtle shifts in dimensional consciousness. If you have ever witnessed one, you will have noticed, amongst the different colours as it swirls around, tiny patches of brown, white or grey. These are momentary lapses in time, or stillpoints, where the manifestation of change is ultimate. They are fleeting but constant, like little pockets of time that arise and are gone just as swiftly. Is life on Earth not just like that?

The aurora is a mirage of sorts, yet it is a beautiful reminder of the ebb and flow of life. The pockets of opportunity for change can be few, far between and brief, but they are opportunities none the less. When they come, do not hesitate. Grab them with both hands and act swiftly, for now is the time for change and it begins with the consciousness of man.

Now is such a time, dear hearts. As the energy of third and fourth dimensional energies grow ever denser and more entangling, the pockets of light that are the wayshowers of the world are bringing hope, optimism and opportunities for people to rise above the gloomy future of Earth promised by climate change, oppressive governments, constant pandemics and threats of nuclear war. While the physical world continues to crack and crumble, the cities of light are building. Focus on the light within and you will start to see beyond the illusion!

If you watch the northern and southern lights, the presence of the dark is swiftly overcome by the myriad of colours within the spectrum of light that comes only from the Source of Creation. As the dark tries to take hold, it is swept into the brilliance of the aurora and is never the focus of the wonderful and breathtaking display,

Humans have a tendency to focus on the negative, which only then creates more of the same. When you focus on the brilliance of light that is shining from the hearts of people who care about you and those that lead with love and positivity, the pockets of opportunity for change will suddenly be right in front of you and will seem achievable.

There should never be any doubt in the light and love of the Creator that is present in each and every soul living on Earth. The good within will always prevail when one’s needs are met and one feels loved and valued. Spread your own light and love and allow others to do the same for you, then watch the world around you change for the better!

I AM Archangel Uriel and Lady Aurora

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Healing the World, One Heart at a Time

The Earth is grieving and her heart breaks, not for herself because she is resilient and strong. No, her heart is breaking for all of those who cannot ascend with her as her spirit rises out of the Third Dimension forever.

Ascension has been long and arduous and not without its problems. The process has taken many years longer than was expected because much of humanity has not answered the call. There are many reasons for this, but humanity now find itself at the brink of no return – for this reason, Mother Earth rejoices and weeps simultaneously.

As the third dimensional reality slides more and more into anarchy, oppression and fear, the fifth dimensional reality has already been separated from it. Those who have long been awoken have been working tirelessly to maintain their high vibrations and to assist those in the next wave of ascended consciousness. Awakening souls have been called to resolve their past issues and to heal from trauma, as It is not possible to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness when one is weighed down by grief, anger, resentment and hatred. This process of healing in order to ascend once took many months, if not years, but now it is happening at a much faster rate because there is no time to waste.

Awareness of the plight of the humanity is one thing, but it takes connection to one’s spiritual essence to know that the responsibility for the density of consciousness on the planet belongs to every individual. The planet cannot move out of the grips of darkness if people do not realise that, by changing their own reality that the world around them also changes.

There is not one human in the world who does not have control over the direction that their lives are taking. It is only their thoughts and the allowance of fear to overcome their psyche and block their spiritual connections that is keeping many humans locked into the lower dimensions of consciousness. Those who cannot find the light within them will always be drawn to darker thoughts which then have negative outcomes.

I come to you today to offer assistance to unlock the grief in your hearts and to heal from the past so that you too can find the light within. Once you have done so, opportunities and possibilities that the universe can provide will suddenly avail themselves to you.

Allow my gentle energy to permeate your being, Dear Hearts! Allow me to wrap you in my wings and to gently draw out the pain, anger, grief and fear that has been locked in your bodies and energy fields, preventing you from aligning to your divinity. Bring your awareness to you crown and allow it to connect to the light of Source, the Supreme Creator whose light is one with yours. Heal your heart and begin to heal your life! Do not delay any longer, nor allow yourself to remain in fear at the hurt that it may unlock. Acceptance of your past and the path you have trodden in paramount to you beginning to write a new story for yourself and to emerging from the fog of the third dimension.

Allow yourself to heal and then watch yourself soar! Believe that you can be the change that the world needs to see and immerse yourself in the love that has been in your heart all along. When you heal, the world heals, one heart at a time.

I AM Archangel Raphael

The Golden Light of Truth

Greetings and blessings to you all. The time has come for the Earth to shake off her cloak of misery. The treacheries, tragedies and atrocities in the last 10 years have cast a shroud of misery over much of the human race, but it is lifting, even if it may not be apparent to many. Cast your eyes to the sky on any given day and you may see, even just for a moment, golden light penetrating the Earth. It will not be coming from the sun, yet it will be as radiant as the sun and be streaming directly from the sky. It may glimmer on the horizon or sparkle on the water. This light is the Golden Ray of Truth, and it has been activated by Lightworkers across the globe who have brought the light and love of the Creator into their hearts and then directed it at the world. In unifying their healing thoughts, meditations and prayers through the energies of the angels, masters and the Crystalline Lightworker’s grid, the result has been the creation of the Golden Ray. These Wayshowers see and know the truth of ascension and what is really happening in the physical world, and they have united and aligned their energies, sometimes purposefully and other times unconsciously, to bring the Divine love of the Creator and the Christ Consciousness to the world. The result has been to counteract the darkness and negativity that continuously threatens to overwhelm the global human consciousness. Although it may seem that all on Earth is in turmoil in so many ways, there are many new energies that are now emanating from Mother Earth as a result of the work of Lightworkers across the planet. These energies are iridescent, calming, healing and of pure essence, and they emerge from Mother Earth herself as she comes into alignment with planets outside her solar system, merging her energies with theirs. The vibrations are of pure oneness and the colours are many, such as deep purples, blues, pinks, yellows, greens and white. The magnanimity of these energies cannot be over-stated as they have the power to assist humanity to rise above the fear-mongering of those who have encompassed lower and darker energies. The reason many of you reincarnated was to save Mother Earth and to help her ascend. Now is the time to answer the calling of your soul, harness the new energies emerging from the Earth in harmony with the Universe and send them out from your being with loving intention.

The energies emanating from Mother Earth may be seen as rainbows, shards of coloured light or even as extensions of the sunrise or sunset. They are directly connected to your sacred fire in your Solar Power Centre. Connection to Mother Earth is integral to every human being on Earth, so everyone has the capacity to harness the new energies of Ascension for the greater good if they wish. To do this, follow this simple meditation:

Focus your energy in your sacral chakra and hold the intention of connecting to your sacred fire. You may see or imagine the fire burning as a three-fold flame. Send the energy of your sacred fire down to Mother Earth with the intention of connecting to and harnessing the new energies of Ascension. See, feel or know the colours as they merge with your sacred fire and the light of the Creator that streams in from your crown chakra. Then, see the Earth in your mind’s eye and ask that the energies be sent with loving intention and in the highest and best way to the areas that need the most healing as you send the energies forth as light and love from your heartspace. For instance, you may see the colour green and, as you send it out to the Earth you will have a knowing that the energy is healing all of the trees and forests on the Earth. With practise and focused intention, this emanation will occur whenever you merely think of it.

It is also possible, as you connect with the new energies from Mother Earth, to consciously harness the knowledge that is being sent to Earth from its sister planets as spiralling light. This universal knowledge, which is intended to assist and accelerate the ascension of humanity, is of the highest vibration and accessible to those whose intentions are for the greater good and of the utmost integrity. When combined with the beautiful colour and light being emanated from Mother Earth, this universal knowledge becomes activated and takes form as thought. Anyone who harnesses the knowledge and energies together to send out to the Earth will not only raise the vibrations of the world, but will find themselves knowing and speaking of things they did not previously know. They will also become inclined to be spiritual tutors, mentors, writers and activists for world peace and ascension. More importantly, they will find people listening to them and making personal changes for the better — when one makes positive changes it cannot help but ripple out to and affect those around you.

Love is the only emotion that is real and the only vibration that can save your planet. Disconnection from the drama that surrounds you and reconnection with your Higher Self, which knows your true purpose and your soul journey, is essential now. It will help you to connect with your ethereal self, your guides and the Creator himself, whose energy is that of oneness and unconditional love and is the only energy that will allow the world to be viewed with no judgement. Those of you who are awakened will be aware of these emerging energies and will know how to harness them and to spread them to the world. It is essential that you teach others and help those around you to become aware and awake also.

Call upon the Golden Ray of Truth to help you to become more consciously aware of the misguided truths, deliberate illusions and cloaks of deceit that have been woven by those who wish to keep the human race in the Third Dimension. If you see it, and even if you don’t, visualise it entering your heartspace through your crown chakra and hold it there, immersing yourself in its radiant energy. Ask to be shown what you can do to help the human race to raise its energies to a higher level of peace, oneness and unconditional love.

Marked changes in the vibrations of the world are occurring and becoming more noticeable as people awaken and consciously send healing energies to the Earth. If you have been doing so you are to be commended. The changes will be even greater as the combined Earth and universal energies are grounded and sent with loving intention through as many awakened human vessels as possible. The power that these energies have on the vibrations of the human consciousness cannot be over-estimated. Ask us, the Masters of Light to assist you and to magnify the energy. You will be amazed at the results.

We ARE Lord Melchizadek and Lord Kathumi

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Forewarned is Forearmed

Beloveds, never has there been a more uncertain time in the era of humanity. War, the ever-increasing effects of climate change, a global pandemic and new diseases entering left field are enough on their own to keep the world in fear. However, there are many more undercurrents threatening to destabilise the equinox of energies that are circulating the globe that are talked about by some but believed by very few.

I refer to the very faint undertone of lower energy frequencies that are kept humming along by those whose agendas do not include the well-being or even survival of humanity. The incessant tones resonate at quite high frequencies which cannot be heard without intense focus and concentration. It matters not how it is done, but it matters a great deal that people are aware and ready to counteract these waves of sound that are an admirable, if not underhand attempt at keeping humans in fear and therefore firmly in the grips of third dimensional energy.

The languages of the Universe are coded through sound and light frequencies – music, song, voice, colour, vibrations – and numerical codes and sacred geometry. It is therefore extremely possible for the dark forces to use the media, social media and digital technologies to generate lower frequency codes to the masses. When you become aware that they are there you will become more attuned to what form they are generated and how they are delivered. If you really tune into your body at these times, you may notice that your mood, energy levels and though processes slow down, become sluggish and much more negative in nature.

This is not new information, but the technologies used now to hook into and undermine the human energy fields and consciousness are much more sophisticated and efficient. In this way, the dark web of deceit and lies threatens to tighten its grip, preventing the long-promised and awaited ascension of humanity from ever successfully happening.

However, knowledge is power and it is in this missive I say to you, forewarned is forearmed. Do not fall into the intended slumber that is intended to keep you disconnected from your spiritual self and higher truth of the Universe. Stay alert and aware that nothing told to you from human, higher powers can be taken at face value. Begin to be a critical listener and thinker, sifting between the layers of ‘truth’ to undercover the lies. They lurk merely below the surface!

Take back your power, Dear Hearts, and learn to trust your gut feelings, the nagging doubts and the cynical questions that have arisen with every new attack on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of humans on a global scale. Become more connected to Mother Earth and the Universe than ever before, through walking in and just being in nature, meditating or engaging in grounding, meditative practices such as yoga, tai chi and qu-gong. Work through the layers of trauma, indoctrination, self-recriminations and religious mistruths that have become embedded in your psyche until you can become one with yourself and accepting of your path. It is only when one is truly one with themselves, Mother Earth and the Universe that they will become much more able to discern the truth from the lies, to stay positive amongst the negativity and to lift themselves and others up out of the mire.

It is already happening and ascension is almost complete. Be aware, forewarned and forearmed, Dear Ones, for love, truth, honour and unity are humanity’s only way forward beyond the darkness of these times.

I Am Archangel Uriel


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When Lies Undermine the Truth

Faith is not something that can be sold as a commodity, nor can it be believed without being heartfelt. Faith is what one has when one is fully aligned to one’s own truth, knowing how it feels when they express their belief in it.

There are many people on Earth who have lost faith because of the turmoil that has overtaken their lives – chronic illness, war, global suffering and starvation, poverty and increasing difficulty in making ends meet. The overwhelming fear that is circulating in the human collective is stifling many, preventing them from feeling loved and supported by God and the Universe.

The fact is that there is far more to global events than meets the eye. A black matrix web of deceit and lies have been cast over humanity for centuries, but has culminated in desperate attempts by the dark forces to end ascension and keep humanity in fear and under tight control. What has happened, however, is the exact reverse! Humanity is on the brink of ascending to a much higher consciousness that will see the matrix collapse and disintegrate, exposing the lies that have been told as truths for so long.

The time is now, Dear Hearts, to begin to listen, really listen, to the rhetoric and propaganda that spews forth through media outlets every minute. See, as if you were looking into a 3D picture, the multiple layers of ‘truth’ that have been set to entrap you into believing that you are stuck and must follow the rules outlined to you in order to survive and conform. Treat every thing you see and hear from politicians, corporations, governments, religions and religious organisations with caution, because there are codes within their messages that are there to either trap or help you. Not all individuals within leadership are bad, just as many of the leaders elected to work for their communities are actually doing the opposite. Nothing can be treated or taken at face value, unless it is connected to the light and has been transmitted outside of the dark matrix.

You all come from the light and have made choices around your soul paths and journeys. The realities of your lives are created by your belief systems, many of which have been crafted and spun for you by unseen forces who deliberately undermine truths with hidden lies. The truth is there for those who have raised their vibrations and are connected with their higher self. The trick is to sift through the codes using your higher mind and your inner knowing, not your mind.

If all on Earth were stripped back to the moment of Creation, would history be repeated? Most likely, because the human default position is to serve self. The true gift that is before humanity now is the opportunity to change the patterns of history and to create realities of harmony, integrity, tolerance, peace and unity. It is already happening, but the key is for all humans to listen and connect with God through their higher self, not through any religious or man-made channels. The truth of life on Earth is within you. That is the only truth to believe.

I AM Archangel Michael


Living Life Lawfully

Greetings and many blessings to you.

Picture, if you will, a magnificent, white lotus flower. It is at the peak of its bloom, with perfect open petals atop a green, lotus leaf. Every petal is in perfect symmetry and the whiteness of each petal is as pure as the driven snow. In its perfection there is nothing to change yet, as it ages, it becomes less perfect; the petals begin to brown and then drop off. Eventually, it dies. However, its seeds have been sown and so it will be replaced by many more, perfect blooms. It is an endless, natural cycle of birth, growth, death and birth that is part of the laws of nature, specifically the Law of Cyclic Return.

All living things live under Spiritual Law, including humans, meaning that no law can be evaded or intervened upon without invoking consequences. As technological, scientific and medicinal research and discoveries for mankind make significant advances, so too does the risk of intervening in the major laws, inadvertently causing catastrophic changes to nature that cannot be reversed in the short term. I am talking here about major problems on Earth such as climate change and the increase of extreme weather phenomenons such as earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones.

It is not just the weather caused by man’s thirst for knowledge and quests to change the course of nature. As science attempts to stop ageing, cure disease and even bring people back from the dead, the consequences can either be rewarding or dire, particularly if the techniques are not trialled properly or done “under the counter” so to speak. Meddling with the laws of nature cannot be taken lightly and humans are now beginning to pay the price.

There are many awakened souls who are working to raise the energies upon Mother Earth and amongst humankind, and there are signs that their work has not gone in vain. However, there is much work to do in stopping practices whose only focus is financial gain at the sacrifice of human, animal and plant life. The laws contravened when killing a fly are enough to set other laws in motion, so imagine the effects of the travesties occurring at the hands of those whose actions have killed many, plundered the sea, poisoned the air or ravaged the terrain for their own gain?

While everything is as it is, the message I have for you today is that every single one of you has the power to change your thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and actions in terms of how your decisions affect the energies of the Earth. You also have the ability to send powerful healing to the Earth. While it may seem to you that you have no power, the opposite is actually true when you lift the boundaries of how you affect change and the manner in which you do it. You must think universally, globally and etherically, claiming your spiritual mastery in tandem with the laws of nature and the universe when you meditate and send love energy and healing to the planet. You must also connect to the lightworkers of the world and enact the Law of Group Endeavour to ensure that the healing you are sending goes out through all lightworkers and ascended souls to create maximum impact. Do not ask for the greater good without at first making sure you are grounded and protected, asking that it also be for your highest and best – there is no need to sacrifice energy to ensure the survival of the planet!

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every thought creates form and every decision you make will affect change and cause some kind of impact on yourself, your environment and on the energies of the planet. Not one person can claim that their existence on Earth has no impact on the planet as a whole? When you reflect on your life so far, what imprint have you left and how can you ensure that your existence on Earth is a useful, helpful and lawful one?

I AM yours in service,

Archangel Metatron.

The Flower of Life – An Important Symbol of Ascension

The Flower of Life (FOL) is a symbol steeped in mythology but relevant to the modern and current world. Its symmetry is sacred and healing in nature and can be used by the healer and lightworker in conjunction with the codes and rays of Creation to extinguish darkness and activate the light. The Flower of Life in its simplicity, that is, one flower on its own, is enough to activate powerful light codes that connect each person to their Christed-self through repeated symbols of infinity. The three intersecting infinity symbols within each flower represent the sacred triad, or each person’s etheric replica and is therefore a crucial tool in helping each person to cleanse and reharmonise soul fragments to bring the person back into alignment with their I AM Presence. If one considers that the rays held within the sacred triad are those of diamond, silver and gold, the power of the symbol will become clear. Each flower is situated in a circle, which represents infinity as well as the never-ending Circle of Life that is cyclic and symbiotic in nature.

 If one examines the diagram closely, the entire picture represents the Omniverse. The 12 circles represent the 12 universes within. They are all interlocking, which represents Oneness. 12 is the number of Creation and thus of every person’s own divinity. It contains the 12 rays of light which make up the white light of the Source of Creation. When one consciously connects to this light, their spiritual journey will become a way of life and a crucial part of the ascension of Earth.

The magic of life and of Creation itself is held within every petal and intersection of the lines within the symbol of the Flower of Life. It is the first symbol of Ascension, activating light codes within each chakra that open the person to higher levels of consciousness. The frequency of the codes are dependent upon the person’s current level of consciousness, as well as their ability to hold the vibrations in their energy fields without succumbing to the lower energies of 3D Earth. Without mindful intent, raised vibrations can plummet very quickly when a person allows the negativity of other people’s realities to permeate their consciousness. Along with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, using the Flower of Life as a tool of Ascension is one of the most powerful things one can do to help bring Earth out of transition and fully into the Age of Aquarius.

When sending healing to oneself, align the FOL symbol symmetrically to your body. The six petals represent our connection to the four elements, the Universe and Mother Earth and symbolise our infinite connection as well as the ability to continuously renew our vibrations. When sending healing to the Earth, either visualise or ask me to surround it in a Flower of Life grid infused with the Violet Flame of Transmutation in the highest and best way and in the energy of unconditional love. You cannot imagine how powerful it can be.

I AM Lord Melchizadek