Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Truth Behind Religion

The human ego needs to believe in realities based on alleged fact. People base their beliefs on what they have been told as children or learned as adults, often staking their whole lifestyle on that belief system. Living one’s beliefs is an admirable thing, but when one judges others for not sharing the beliefs, that becomes another matter entirely.

Tides are turning on Earth in terms of what people believe and how they live out their truths. Many people are turning to religion, yet many more are turning away because of the narrow-minded belief system behind most religions. To be free means that one’s beliefs are formed without influence from others, yet many people choose to believe a certain set of beliefs just because of the persuasive techniques others use, or because they need support and reach out to the first person who shows them kindness.

To believe in God does not require subscription to any religion, but the existence of holy documents such as the Bible or Koran have led people to believe there is only one way to exist within the structure of these documents and the churches affiliated to them. The resulting conflict with people from other churches or who do not subscribe to the same beliefs has caused major unrest and separatism in the world. It has also caused violence, abuse, murder and many unjust actions all in the name of God. How is it possible that anyone could ever justify such things in the name of an energy as pure as God? It is all an illusion, dear ones, and the only thing that such beliefs and actions can serve is the ego.

God is an energy; ‘He’ is neither male nor female, human or spirit. God, the Creator, or Source is the essence of Creation and is the reason everyone and everything exist upon the Earth. Source is a consciousness of Creation that is based on love alone, and nothing is ever created without purpose or intention, because everyone and everything is connected to and one with Source. Humans are therefore co-creators because every thought is based on an intention that creates form; wiith every thought comes an action which will have an equal and opposite reaction with consequences, either positive or negative, depending on the original intention.

Nothing is separate from God which means that no-one or nothing is inferior either. God is no more important than you and you are no more important than anyone else, no matter your heritage, your status, colour, creed or age. Separatism is a myth created by the ego of man, and religion causes a much lower vibration than that of the Creator because it teaches that God is greater than man and to be revered. If you revere God you must revere yourself because you are one and the same; if everyone did that the world would become a place of love and harmony instead of a place of war.

If you were to focus in on yourself now, how would you see yourself? Would you see your physical body and all its flaws, or would you focus on your inner strengths and beauty? Would you think of all the times you failed, or would you congratulate yourself on the one time you prevailed. Would you berate yourself for the past or be excited for the future? The way you think about yourself has a direct impact on the reality that your are living in, so changing your mindset from negativity to positivity can make a huge difference to your life. Do not wait for God to make things happen for you, because you create your own reality from minute to minute, day to day, year to year with every thought you think and your perspectives on the world around you.

People talk about the light of God and expect it to radiate from Heaven, without realising that the light and love of God are within every individual on Earth. When you love yourself, when you are happy, when you have compassion for others or give kindness to a stranger, you radiate the light and love of the Creater out to the people and world around you. You are acting in the essence of the unconditional love of God and you are creating harmony, friendship and oneness. Source is working through you, and that is how the Universe works. All is one and nothing is separate. Humans are co-creators with God and the only way the world can ascend to the Fifth Dimension is for each and every person to realise that their thoughts create their reality. Change your thoughts and you can create amazing things for you and others. It is that simple.

I AM Archangel Michael



4 thoughts on “Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: The Truth Behind Religion

  1. hI VICTORIA…this is very helpful
    Can you address or direct me to info about safe locations…
    AND…i was given some cartography info that eliminates certain this information , given world changes, still viable?


  2. Wow amazing channel! This is a beautiful channeling. I am so glad I was able to find this as it makes me feel very learned afterward! 🙂


    1. Dear Evelynn,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and to give feedback. I actually brought part of that channelling through a while ago but then I did a meditation where I was shown the spiraling energies.
      If you are interested I have channelled three books, the last of which is about other worlds. You can find them on Amazon on my personal page. I feel very blessed to be able to bring this information to the world.I just hope more people can read the messages and be moved by them like you. Then Ascension might have a real chance!
      Blessings, love and light,
      Victoria Cochrane


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