Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Creating Utopia

Looking beyond the self is a feat that many humans find difficult because all humans were born with an ego. The ego directs the mind to consider one’s own welfare, comfort and material needs first before considering anyone elses’. Many people have remained, for the meantime, ensconced in their ego selves where it is safe and comfortable. Many others, however, who have responded to the energies of ascension, have found themselves able to consider others’ needs well before their own. More importantly, the plight of Mother Earth has become a major concern for many awakened souls and the light and love they have poured upon her has made its mark; Mother Earth has responded and the energies now emanating from her core are causing many more people to awaken. They are also being noticed all around the world as the skies radiate magnificent hues. In contrast, the purging and cleansing of old, negative energy in the soil, in the environment and within people’s souls continues and accelerates, sometimes with devastating results. Unfortunately, the Law of Polarity dictates that, to return back to balance the bad must accompany the good.

Please consider, if you will, a world where everyone loves one another and there is no evil, hatred, war or intolerance. People give as much as they receive and all is in balance. It may seem a flight of fancy but, with concentrated effort it can be achieved. There is much imbalance and violence in the world and there always will be, however, those who do not wish to exist in that world will create another, parallel world where the skies are bluer, the grass is greener and people live in harmony.

How can this happen, you ask, when the realities seem so different? It is all about vibrational frequency, dear ones, and this is not a new topic. The vibration that you emit is the one you will attract so, if you are angry, intolerant and hateful you will attract that vibration and that will be the world you live in. If, however, you give love to yourself and send it out to others, are mindful of how you treat the environment and choose not to engage in the drama of the world that invokes fear, rage and retribution, the world you create will be a much more harmonious one. The consciousness of man is a living vibration that creates reality and that, my loves, is the key to ascension!

So, which vibration do you choose? How can you raise your vibration so the lower energies do not permeate your world? Here are some suggestions for you to try:

  1. Improve your self-love and sense of worth! When you love and accept yourself you can love and accept others without needing to put them down to feel more worthy.
  2. Turn off the news! Do not immerse yourself in the media hype that replays and rehashes drama and that incites emotions. The media have their own agenda and people follow like lambs.
  3. Send love to the world and to the souls who have chosen to pass over. Many tragedies are actually choices to leave the planet to continue the soul’s journey. If it wasn’t a choice the wheel of karma will be invoked. Send love and commiserations but do not allow yourself to be involved in or to perpetuate emotional drama or trauma.
  4. Meditate and connect to your Divine Self. Find your inner God or Goddess and work to calm your mind, slow your breathing and to learn to just be for a short time every day.
  5. Become more informed about ascension and how to create your own reality.

I AM Jesus, and I AM always with you.

Victoria Cochrane


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