Creating Your Own Peace on Earth

Are you at peace with yourself? Have you been able to create a safe haven for yourself in your heart that radiates out to your home, your partner, family, friends and wider community?

The phrase, “Home is where the heart is” reflects the true nature of inner peace because, when a person is truly happy within themselves they will be happy to live anywhere. It is the highest truth that peace on Earth is not dependent on companies, governments or corporations, not is it even dependent on spiritual or religious groups. It is dependent only upon each every individual accepting themselves and coming to terms with who they are and the life they have lived. Reaching a state of inner peace is up to no-one else but the individual themselves, for nothing will change unless every single person takes responsibility for they way they think, act, behave and create.

There is a chance now, as the Third Dimensional world collapses in on top of itself, to create your own sanctuary or patch of ‘Heaven.’ I refer both to a physical place such as where you live, but also within yourself. It must happen, as the outer world is now experiencing the greatest shift in consciousness that it ever has, and the impact on those who have not completed their contracts is potentially dire.

Soul contracts of learning are ending for most older people on the planet, unless they have chosen a path that deviates from their original plan when reincarnating. As a person realises and accepts their own truth, the path before them widens and opens up a myriad of possibilities. Those who remain cloaked in veils of illusion run the risk of losing their way in the distortionate realities that are a result of Third and Fourth Dimensional thinking that is embedded in ego, physical pain and illness and separation from the Source of Creation.

There are a million different realities, emotions and limiting belief systems that humanity as a whole projects every second of every day. The resulting ‘soup’ of positivity and negativity in the Human Collective Consciousness that hits people in waves at random moments in time means that human behaviour can be increasingly unreliable, unpredictable and uncontrolled, if the person is disconnected from their higher self and thus from Source. Those who have awakened and have worked to keep their consciousness predominantly above the denser consciousness of the masses are much more equipped to keep themselves clear or to extract themselves from the treacle-like energy if they have let their guard down.

Thus, Peace on Earth amongst all peoples of the world is not a realistic goal, nor can it ever be realised as a face-value possibility. However, the energies that once governed humanity as a whole are not as they were, and the matrix of lies and deception woven into the realities of the masses are breaking down. This is because the light of the Creator is shining through so many more hearts of people who have aligned to their Divine Blueprints and reunited with their soul song. The world as we knew it is no longer, nor could it sustain the higher vibrational energies coming from the Earth herself as she has integrated the golden rays of ascension into her crystalline core. As Mother Earth vibrates to a much higher frequency, so it is that humanity is experiencing a dynamic but also catastrophic shift into a new paradigm whose reality for those who have shifted with it is much more immediate, faster paced but also far more removed from the lower energies of unascended humans.

If you have experienced a shift in your reality, it will be noticeable to you in ways that are not visible to the eye. Yes, your environment is still the same. The people in your family, your friends, your street, your community is all the same in appearance. The difference is that what matters to you will have changed; your priorities, what you perceive to be important and how to you live your live, what you eat, watch, read, believe will all be much more aligned to the values and attributes of spiritual law which is underpinned by oneness and love that is unconditional.  There will be many human ways that become more intolerable and much less understandable, and you will become a wayshower for others as you practice non-judgement, tolerance and peaceful ways of managing difficult or challenging situations or behaviours in others. Your calmness will be a magnet for others and they will feel better just by being near you.

The biggest change, however, will be the peace, gratitude and happiness you feel within for the life you are living and the abundance of love, friendship and opportunities for spiritual, financial and personal growth that just seems to keep coming your way. You are creating, or have created your own Peace on Earth which is now radiating out to the Earth and those around you in ways you cannot imagine.

We cannot thank you enough!

We Are The Masters of Light


Living Life Lawfully

Greetings and many blessings to you.

Picture, if you will, a magnificent, white lotus flower. It is at the peak of its bloom, with perfect open petals atop a green, lotus leaf. Every petal is in perfect symmetry and the whiteness of each petal is as pure as the driven snow. In its perfection there is nothing to change yet, as it ages, it becomes less perfect; the petals begin to brown and then drop off. Eventually, it dies. However, its seeds have been sown and so it will be replaced by many more, perfect blooms. It is an endless, natural cycle of birth, growth, death and birth that is part of the laws of nature, specifically the Law of Cyclic Return.

All living things live under Spiritual Law, including humans, meaning that no law can be evaded or intervened upon without invoking consequences. As technological, scientific and medicinal research and discoveries for mankind make significant advances, so too does the risk of intervening in the major laws, inadvertently causing catastrophic changes to nature that cannot be reversed in the short term. I am talking here about major problems on Earth such as climate change and the increase of extreme weather phenomenons such as earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones.

It is not just the weather caused by man’s thirst for knowledge and quests to change the course of nature. As science attempts to stop ageing, cure disease and even bring people back from the dead, the consequences can either be rewarding or dire, particularly if the techniques are not trialled properly or done “under the counter” so to speak. Meddling with the laws of nature cannot be taken lightly and humans are now beginning to pay the price.

There are many awakened souls who are working to raise the energies upon Mother Earth and amongst humankind, and there are signs that their work has not gone in vain. However, there is much work to do in stopping practices whose only focus is financial gain at the sacrifice of human, animal and plant life. The laws contravened when killing a fly are enough to set other laws in motion, so imagine the effects of the travesties occurring at the hands of those whose actions have killed many, plundered the sea, poisoned the air or ravaged the terrain for their own gain?

While everything is as it is, the message I have for you today is that every single one of you has the power to change your thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and actions in terms of how your decisions affect the energies of the Earth. You also have the ability to send powerful healing to the Earth. While it may seem to you that you have no power, the opposite is actually true when you lift the boundaries of how you affect change and the manner in which you do it. You must think universally, globally and etherically, claiming your spiritual mastery in tandem with the laws of nature and the universe when you meditate and send love energy and healing to the planet. You must also connect to the lightworkers of the world and enact the Law of Group Endeavour to ensure that the healing you are sending goes out through all lightworkers and ascended souls to create maximum impact. Do not ask for the greater good without at first making sure you are grounded and protected, asking that it also be for your highest and best – there is no need to sacrifice energy to ensure the survival of the planet!

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every thought creates form and every decision you make will affect change and cause some kind of impact on yourself, your environment and on the energies of the planet. Not one person can claim that their existence on Earth has no impact on the planet as a whole? When you reflect on your life so far, what imprint have you left and how can you ensure that your existence on Earth is a useful, helpful and lawful one?

I AM yours in service,

Archangel Metatron.