Pockets of Opportunity for Change

In the ebb and flow of the Aurora there are pockets of energy – time warps if you like, that are subtle shifts in dimensional consciousness. If you have ever witnessed one, you will have noticed, amongst the different colours as it swirls around, tiny patches of brown, white or grey. These are momentary lapses in time, or stillpoints, where the manifestation of change is ultimate. They are fleeting but constant, like little pockets of time that arise and are gone just as swiftly. Is life on Earth not just like that?

The aurora is a mirage of sorts, yet it is a beautiful reminder of the ebb and flow of life. The pockets of opportunity for change can be few, far between and brief, but they are opportunities none the less. When they come, do not hesitate. Grab them with both hands and act swiftly, for now is the time for change and it begins with the consciousness of man.

Now is such a time, dear hearts. As the energy of third and fourth dimensional energies grow ever denser and more entangling, the pockets of light that are the wayshowers of the world are bringing hope, optimism and opportunities for people to rise above the gloomy future of Earth promised by climate change, oppressive governments, constant pandemics and threats of nuclear war. While the physical world continues to crack and crumble, the cities of light are building. Focus on the light within and you will start to see beyond the illusion!

If you watch the northern and southern lights, the presence of the dark is swiftly overcome by the myriad of colours within the spectrum of light that comes only from the Source of Creation. As the dark tries to take hold, it is swept into the brilliance of the aurora and is never the focus of the wonderful and breathtaking display,

Humans have a tendency to focus on the negative, which only then creates more of the same. When you focus on the brilliance of light that is shining from the hearts of people who care about you and those that lead with love and positivity, the pockets of opportunity for change will suddenly be right in front of you and will seem achievable.

There should never be any doubt in the light and love of the Creator that is present in each and every soul living on Earth. The good within will always prevail when one’s needs are met and one feels loved and valued. Spread your own light and love and allow others to do the same for you, then watch the world around you change for the better!

I AM Archangel Uriel and Lady Aurora

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Healing the World, One Heart at a Time

The Earth is grieving and her heart breaks, not for herself because she is resilient and strong. No, her heart is breaking for all of those who cannot ascend with her as her spirit rises out of the Third Dimension forever.

Ascension has been long and arduous and not without its problems. The process has taken many years longer than was expected because much of humanity has not answered the call. There are many reasons for this, but humanity now find itself at the brink of no return – for this reason, Mother Earth rejoices and weeps simultaneously.

As the third dimensional reality slides more and more into anarchy, oppression and fear, the fifth dimensional reality has already been separated from it. Those who have long been awoken have been working tirelessly to maintain their high vibrations and to assist those in the next wave of ascended consciousness. Awakening souls have been called to resolve their past issues and to heal from trauma, as It is not possible to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness when one is weighed down by grief, anger, resentment and hatred. This process of healing in order to ascend once took many months, if not years, but now it is happening at a much faster rate because there is no time to waste.

Awareness of the plight of the humanity is one thing, but it takes connection to one’s spiritual essence to know that the responsibility for the density of consciousness on the planet belongs to every individual. The planet cannot move out of the grips of darkness if people do not realise that, by changing their own reality that the world around them also changes.

There is not one human in the world who does not have control over the direction that their lives are taking. It is only their thoughts and the allowance of fear to overcome their psyche and block their spiritual connections that is keeping many humans locked into the lower dimensions of consciousness. Those who cannot find the light within them will always be drawn to darker thoughts which then have negative outcomes.

I come to you today to offer assistance to unlock the grief in your hearts and to heal from the past so that you too can find the light within. Once you have done so, opportunities and possibilities that the universe can provide will suddenly avail themselves to you.

Allow my gentle energy to permeate your being, Dear Hearts! Allow me to wrap you in my wings and to gently draw out the pain, anger, grief and fear that has been locked in your bodies and energy fields, preventing you from aligning to your divinity. Bring your awareness to you crown and allow it to connect to the light of Source, the Supreme Creator whose light is one with yours. Heal your heart and begin to heal your life! Do not delay any longer, nor allow yourself to remain in fear at the hurt that it may unlock. Acceptance of your past and the path you have trodden in paramount to you beginning to write a new story for yourself and to emerging from the fog of the third dimension.

Allow yourself to heal and then watch yourself soar! Believe that you can be the change that the world needs to see and immerse yourself in the love that has been in your heart all along. When you heal, the world heals, one heart at a time.

I AM Archangel Raphael

Rewriting the Future, One Day at a Time

The world and humanity will prevail over Covid-19, however long it takes, but it is what happens afterwards when it has finally been controlled that is of the most importance. The book is written, so to speak, but the ending is not, because what is happening is very much dependent on the decisions of a few and the reactions of the masses. It is an ending that can have many different scenarios, dependent on the choices that are made now and into the future.

We have made no bones about this pandemic being an attack that has been deliberate and planned from the highest echelons of society, with many surprising liaisons and, while that is a terrible truth, it is also one that will be revealed in time and the karma will take its course. It is not our intention to provoke anger or fear in any way, but we do wish you all to know that, for the sake of world recovery, the focus should be on healing and higher consciousness. It is the only way forward. Whether the pandemic is fake, has been engineered, is deliberate or otherwise is water under the bridge and will serve no other purpose than to keep the masses mired in the Third Dimension. Now is the time for action of a peaceful and loving nature, united in the energy of oneness and the ability to see above the multi-dimensional drama playing out on Earth. Beyond the physical realities of illness, death, grief and anger lies the reality that, unless people reclaim their own spirituality and take back their power that is their divinity and connection to universal wisdom and knowledge, the ‘white noise’ of 3D reality will continue to deny the Earth the Ascension that it deserves and so desperately needs.

Has humanity, as a whole, learnt the lessons that have been presented to it through this pandemic, or will it go back to the ways that have led it to this predicament? If that were to be the case, then there is not much hope, for more lessons will present themselves and they will be harder than before. However, if the awakening to a higher consciousness that has been occurring in a large number of humans across the globe continues, it will be these people who lead others to awaken and humanity to expediate the process of Ascension, which has been slowed by constant intervention, fake news and resistance by those who choose to profit at the expense of others.

To help raise the energies of the Human Collective Consciousness and to cleanse negative and toxic energies from the Universal Human Psyche, with Divine ease and grace and in the highest and best way, we invite you now to participate in this meditation.

Envision, if you will, a beautiful temple of light. See, feel or imagine yourself entering this temple and being welcomed by a circle of 12 masters, amongst them angels and archangels. The temple is crystalline white with specks of gold, embedded with crystals of every colour. The masters bring you into their circle and cleanse you with their light. In the middle of the circle, the Violet Flame burns and there is a small Earth spinning slowly above it. Surrounding the globe is a crystalline grid with hundreds of vortexes of light. These are the lightworkers from around the world who are holding their energy for the world; their energy  is harnessed whenever healing is sent through the grid or from the 5th Dimension.

As the Violet Flame becomes very bright, the masters begin to pass a light around the circle. With every rotation it grows brighter and brighter until it is flung into the Violet Flame, harnessing it as the energy is flung onto the crystalline grid. Immediately the vortexes of energy held by the lightworkers ignite and the healing energy is sent into the Earth’s atmosphere, the Human Collective Consciousness, down to Mother Earth’s diamond core and then everywhere it is needed to detoxify and heal human emotion, suffering, intervention, cruelty and pollution. The masters will maintain a tone until the healing is finished.

Before you leave the temple, you may request healing for yourself. The master or Archangel who is predominantly with you will oversee it. When it is finished you will find yourself back in your body feeling grounded, cleansed and relaxed.

Blessings be with you,

Archangel Michael and the Cosmic Council.