Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters


Greetings. The time has long been nigh for humans to realise that the existence of aliens and life on other planets is real. Many have awoken to this fact but the majority of the Earth’s population remain sceptical. The size and scope of the universe denies the sole existence of life on Earth or that there would only ever be one solar system sustaining life.

Aliens are, for the most part, peaceful and non-threatening to Earth. They have much wisdom to impart and the life they lead can be a great example to humans, as they live without the presence of ego and therefore have learnt to exist as one. There is no war, no poverty, no religion and no discrimination. Everything works in unison and in complete order, creating balance and harmony on planets sometimes ten times bigger than Earth.

It may seem that Earth will never achieve a state of oneness and that war, violence and terrorism have taken over the vibrations of the planet. However, this is very much a case of each person taking responsibility for themselves and for the vibrations they emit to the world. When each and every person can cease blaming others for the problems in their lives and begin to examine the emotional baggage that underpins their reactions to the actions of others, to the circumstances they find themselves in and to their very state of mind, then the way will be paved towards peace and harmony on Earth.

No-one can change anyone but themselves. No-one else is responsible for the decisions you have made or for the life that you choose to live. Nothing can ever be changed until ordinary people, who may think they are too insignificant to ever make a mark on the world, realise how magnificent they are, connect to their spiritual essence and begin to step into their power as co-creators and self-masters.

Now is the time. Ask us, the Masters of Light to guide you.

I AM Sanctus Germanis

Victoria Cochrane


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