Opinions: Accepting the Facts

There are many times in a person’s life when another could be forgiven for thinking that they are ignorant and banal. Every human has had times when their words have not resonated with one or maybe many other people, and those people have had less than flattering thoughts about that person. They may also have commented to other people, leaving a lasting and, sometimes, devastating impression about that person on the minds of people who were not even there or who do not even know the person at all.

Opinions are entirely personal and everyone has the right to them. Whether these opinions are based on fact or perceived fact is irrelevant, because the right to free speech away from personal attack is every human’s right, no matter their religion, creed, gender, or cultural background. If one cannot voice one’s own thoughts and opinions without recrimination and judgement an imbalance will begin to occur, not just in the person but also in the world at large, particularly if the issue is seen to be taboo or of a particularly delicate nature.

There are many instances in the world today where violence against, and even murder of, women in particular, but also children and men have occurred because they have dared to disagree with minority groups, those in authority or the general community at large. To threaten another’s safety, freedom or life because of their opinion is against spiritual law, which has nothing to do with religion and is universally relevant, not just to planet Earth but to all planets that sustain life in the universe. Religion is at the core of the problem, which is an irony because, when people perform illegal acts against their fellow humans in the name of ‘Allah’, ‘God’ or religion they are completely misguided and are in a much lower energy than that of the Creator. The language of the universe is love and love alone. There is no requirement to do anything other than love yourselves and one another unconditionally, because that is what ‘God’ does. The energy of the Creator of All That Is is of oneness. There is no living thing existing on the Earth today that is better, whose opinion is more important or whose needs are greater than anyone else’s. Everyone and everything is equal and one with each other and with God. When you perform a travesty against another person you also perform it against God and, ultimately, yourself because you and God are one and the same.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the injustices of the world are due to ‘God’s’ wishes or His will. They are solely due to man’s ego and his desire to rule, control and to exert power over those he deems to be weaker or subservient, usually to cover the fact that he is weak himself and has a poor self-image. The Creator loves the perpetrators equally to their victims; there is no separation and no condemnation.

Be in the energy of the Creator, dear ones. When you leave the illusion of separation and begin your journey anew in the dimension of oneness and unconditional love, the world as you know it will be a very different place indeed.

We the Masters of Light are ever with you and helping you towards this quest.

I AM Archangel Michael.