Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters

The Woes of the World

Feel the woes of the world in your heartspace. You are connected to them by Divine threads, as all in the universe is connected. All thoughts, feelings and emotions emitted by every human on Earth is held in the global collective consciousness, so you are connected to it even if you cannot relate to the negativity coming from it. Feel the emotions and acknowledge them, but do not become a part of them. When you involve yourself in the drama you block your ability to be impartial and you actually may add to the negativity. It is not necessary to know the location, nationality or actual incident. The intention of healing is enough, and the love that you send will be the unconditional love of the Creator, because the love you feel in your heart is one and the same.

In meditation, ask for a healing for the world for its highest and best. See the world in your mind’s eye or simply feel it enter your heartspace. Then, connect with your love as light and build it using your breath in your heartspace. On a count of four breathe in the light and then see the ball of light build on the out-breath. When your heartspace is filled with light intend that it heal the woes of the world and watch or feel the energy change. When it is done release the emotions and send them to God’s light. Remove your energy from the Earth in your heartspace and resume your breath to fill your heartspace with light again. This time, when your heart is full of light, release the light into your body and feel the unconditional love of the Creator flooding your whole body. Hold the intention that the light heal and replenish, restoring health and vitality to your whole being for your highest and best. Hold the energy until it is done. Give thanks and then bring your awareness back to the room.

There is no way to describe how powerful this kind of healing meditation is. If everyone in the world held healing and loving intentions rather than hurtful, vengeful ones the impact on the vibrations of the world would be significant. Sending love to yourself is equally as important because the vibrations and feelings that you put into the collective consciousness either contribute to or heal the woes of the world.

Breathe in light, breathe out love. It will make more difference than you could ever imagine.

I AM Archangel Michael.


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