The Nature of the Ego

The nature of the ego can be very dark. There are many urges that can pull a person into behaviours or habits that are not for their highest and best, and that impact on others in a negative or anti-social way. When a person gives in to the urges and temptations that the ego offers, the results can be that they are swayed off their spiritual path into another that is unknown and leads straight to karmic repercussions. The ego is often described as ‘the devil’, and for good reason.

The ego, however, is not evil, and there is a reason all humans have one. The ego is the voice that tells you how great you are, and every human on Earth must hold self-belief to be able to hold their position in the world with confidence. A healthy ego is essential to allow you to love, accept and respect yourself as a valuable and valued member of society. An inflated ego, however, will allow your mind to play tricks on you and to tell you that you are better than others, more worthy and therefore exempt from the rules that would otherwise apply to all, including you.

In the energy of the Creator the ego accepts that all is one and that everyone is equal and the same. Therefore, every person will be treated with respect and generosity, accepted for their differences and loved unconditionally. In this energy the person will love themselves unconditionally and put themselves first when necessary, but not at the expense of any other person. This is the big difference between the energy of the Creator and that on the Third Plane of Existence which is Earth. To be in this energy one must simply bring in the light of God, the Creator, into your crown, your heartspace or even into your mind; connecting is that simple.

I AM Master Kathumi