Embracing the Cycle of Life and Death

Greetings to all on Earth reading this message today. I am Lord Melchizadek and I bring an important message to you with love and blessings.

The heart is the most important organ in the body, and the action of pumping blood continuously around the body provides oxygen and nutrients to sustain life. When the heart stops beating the body will stop living, causing immense pain and feelings of loss to those family and friends lost behind.

The spirit, however, never dies. Within the spirit lives the soul, which carries the memories of all past lives and the lessons learnt within them. When the spirit flies free of the body, the soul goes with it, beginning a new journey of soul discovery, learning and growth. In this way a person never dies; they live on in ethereal form and can still hear, see and interact with the living if they wish.

A person’s death may be a time of grief and mourning on Earth, yet the spirit and the soul within it experience great joy when they are released because they no longer feel anything but an immense feeling of love and gratitude. In the ethereal kingdom, no other state exists other than unconditional love; there is no ego, no fear, no pain and no judgement. It could be argued, therefore, that life actually begins, not ends, with the death of the physical body.

. While it may be easy to understand the death of an elderly person, the ending of life for the very young or for those who still have much life in front of them may seem much more difficult to understand. Know that most deaths are a choice and are the chosen time for the soul who is passing. For many, their death comes as a release from the rigours of living in a reality that is harsh and unforgiving. For others, their life is taken as a result of intervention from another source or as a result of illness that has manifested due to trauma, emotional turmoil or bad health decisions. However and whenever a person dies, be assured that they are never alone and are rarely unhappy after passing.

Do not fear death, for is the natural beginning of a new cycle for every human on Earth. It is the opportunity to resolve old karma and to learn old and new lessons. It is also the chance to start anew and to learn and grow. Many souls will choose to remain in spirit for a long time, while others will choose to return to learn more lessons for themselves or to assist others and the planet to raise their vibrations. Many will return into the families from which they departed, while others will choose to remain in their soul family but be born into an unrelated human family. The number of masters of light who have aspects of their souls walking upon the Earth now is unprecedented, and many of them are ordinary humans who have chosen to live quite difficult lives in order to build understanding, tolerance and acceptance in the community. Others are well-known figures making a difference to the world through campaigning for causes, teaching people how to care for the environment or finding cures for diseases. Another group of masters go about their work quietly while effectively bringing in light to the world through everyday interactions with their friends, family, colleagues and the wider community.

Embrace your time as a living human on the Earth. Experience as much as you can, love as much as you can and give gratitude every day for the abundance in your life. Give without expectation and trust in the Creator and the Universe to provide everything you need. See every experience as a lesson and every curse as a blessing, for it is through your experiences that your soul can grow and develop mastery. When your spirit does finally fly free, the love you have given will be returned to you in abundance, and your onward soul journey will be one of joy, acceptance and unconditional love.

I AM Lord Melchizadek.

Victoria Cochrane