Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters


Stars burn in the sky form many millions of years. Their existence is as solid as any matter can be, but their energy is always fluctuating through ebbs and flows of heat over their surface. The heat generated by a star can travel millions of kilometres, and this heat is just as capable of killing as it is of giving life. The Earth’s sun has much more energy to burn before it dies, and the heat it generates is and will be a strong as ever for many human lifetimes to come. The effect of the sun’s energy on human health and wellbeing is well-documented, and the potential for the development of illness of disease as a result of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is well-known. However, so many humans continue to risk their health through exposure to the sun. Why is this?

Vitamin D deficiency also causes illness with symptoms such as fatigue and depression. The need to receive sun exposure directly onto the skin is also well known, but the risk of over-doing it is ever present. Humans therefore find themselves ‘between a rock and a hard place’ when it comes to both exposing themselves to and protecting themselves from the sun’s heat and life-giving properties. While sunscreen is temporarily effective in protecting the skin from burning, it also carries its own risks. Not all humans can tolerate the chemicals in the products and its application can cause allergies and much discomfort.

Cancers such as melanoma kill thousands of people every year on Earth, and many cancers have been triggered by long-term sun exposure. It is imperative to protect yourselves from the sun, Dear Ones, but it is also imperative to consider that cancer, nor any disease or illness, is not purely a physical affliction. All humans have four bodies, only one of which is physical, and all of them have equal bearings on a person’s health and well-being. Cancer is triggered by the emotions of hatred, strong resentment and anger, and when a person harbours these toxic emotions over many years the combination of these emotions with the imbalances in the physical body can potentially cause cancer cells to grow.

However, there are some who develop cancer who have not carried toxic emotions, and these people include the very young. One of the reasons could well be found in the person’s past lives, where toxic emotions resided and are still held in the person’s soul memory. Another reason is that the person had cancer in a past life and still carries the cellular memory of this. A third reason is that living through cancer is a lesson they have chosen to learn. Cancer triggered by the sun in a very young person or someone who has lived their lives to help others can also indicate that the person’s DNA has not been activated properly to align them to the combined magnetic forces of the sun and Mother Earth. They have therefore been extra sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays and their body has not known how to cope. The activation of this DNA is possible through alignment to the sun’s energy in meditation. The next message will outline how this can be done, either by or for the affected person.

Much love to you all.

I AM Master Kathumi

Victoria Cochrane


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