Change Begins With You

The sky appears blue, yet it is the gateway to the Universe. The atmosphere surrounding the Earth holds in the air you need to breathe and protects you from the harsh rays of the sun. However, ozone layer is being depleted at a rapid rate, and this is alarming to us in the ethereal realm. Although many humans are aware of and concerned by global warming and the state of the ozone layer, not enough action is being taken to ensure that it does not dissolve completely. The ramifications for the destruction of this protective layer would be disastrous, and spell the end of life for areas on Earth where it has disappeared.

Governments are driven by the need for power and wealth, importance and control. They do not consider the toll on human lives or living conditions in their desire to stay in government and to lead the world. It is not the leaders of the great nations who can be trusted to change behaviour in terms of climate change and the reduction in greenhouse gases. It is up to ordinary people to make the changes, and to force governments to change their focuses through petitions, voting, peaceful protests and making a stand overall. Fossil fuels are not the way of the future; do not listen to the rhetoric of leaders who are driven by their own agenda. Listen to your intuition which is guided by your angels and guides, as well as your higher self. Change begins with you, my beloveds. Whatever you can do to protect the environment from the pollution of man, no matter how small, will lead the way to the future regeneration of the Earth’s resources and the salvation of the human race overall.

I AM Moses

Channelled by Victoria Cochrane