Love is the Only Answer

The world is changing every second, minute, hour and day. People are being born and people die, yet there is a distinct change in the energy on the Earth. Many of you can feel it and have an idea of where it is coming from, others do not seem to know yet their behaviour reflects an acknowledgement of change. For many the change is an increase in fear, for many others it is evident in distracted thoughts and disconnection from self or loved ones. Others again find themselves facing the past and having to navigate the sea of emotions that come along with it.

The violence in the world is overwhelming and hard to get away from. Your daily lives are increasingly interrupted by the media’s sensationalist view on political and global matters, and the fear, anger and hatred generated by this exposure is self-manifesting. One can attempt to remove oneself from it, but there are those in the world who wish to keep it all fresh and ‘in everyone’s face’ so they can control and manipulate the masses.

How are you coping with the increased energy and low vibrations emanating around the world? If you are putting it all down to lack of sleep or a heavy workload, although they could be contributing factors, I am here to tell you that no-one is immune from the changes that are occurring at the present time. Although the Earth has ascended, it may seem that humans are ignoring the call and doing all they can to keep the planet in the Third Dimension. However, if you tune in to the vibrations emanating from different people, plants, animals and from Mother Earth herself, you may notice an aura of resistance, resilience and defiance! Whereby the control of authority was once accepted without question, the evolvement of all species is now resulting in mass rejection of terrorism, both on the parts of radical groups but also that which has been thinly disguised from legal authorities.

You have heard us say many times that love is the answer. We will keep saying it until more and more of you keep listening. Can you not see the cycle that the lower energies of hatred and revenge are taking you-back in time to the same mistakes that have been made by your forefathers and that have resulted in war and senseless deaths. Persecution of particular races aside, the killing of your own to right wrongs will never bring peace and harmony to your planet. Forgiveness may seem fruitless, but war is pointless and will only lead humanity around in ever tightening circles that end in oblivion.

For those lightworkers and wayshowers who can see the bigger picture, do not stop sending love and light to the planet, her people and to all living beings. Send it to the planet herself, and also send it to yourself. Love is the only answer.

We are forever with you in love, peace and service.

I AM Master Kathumi

Victoria Cochrane