Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters

Relax your mind and your body. Breathe into your abdomen and feel present in your body. Feel your feet connected to the ground, and feel Mother Earth reverberate beneath your feet. Be mindfully present, but clear your mind. Be as you are in time and space, breathe and be still.

If all people on Earth took the time to meditate in such a way every day, even if it were just for five minutes, the energies of the world would become calmer, more peaceful and in tune with the Earth and the environment. In lessening the stress in our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and connecting to our spiritual bodies, we then send these energies out to the universal, collective consciousness. The universal consciousness affects peoples’ temperaments according to the amount of positive and/or negative energy it contains, and can even affect the weather.

All on Earth and in the universe is one, so when one person works to maintain a positive mindset and a healthy mind and body, they raise their vibrations to higher frequencies, the benefits of which radiate out to others. Their family and friends will react positively to the energy and, in turn, their vibrations will also begin to rise. It is a domino effect which can have far-reaching and long term effects on the global consciousness.

When you raise your vibrations to a more positive mindset you will notice a change in your relationships for the better and all around you, including yourself, will use more positive words and have happier thoughts. You will choose healthier food, exercise more and take more care of your body. You will be more likely to stay clear of drama and less likely to create it. You will meditate and connect to your higher self and your guides, and the messages you receive will inspire you to continue this journey of self-improvement and discovery. The effects on yourself and those around you will be noticeable, but the greatest change will be in the universal consciousness. When you love yourself, you send love to others and the affects will be more powerful than you could ever know.

Meditate whenever you feel stressed, angry or fatigued. You will be surprised how much better you will feel, and soon you will be making it a regular practice.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Victoria Cochrane

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