An Army of Angelic Love

Angels surround every person on Earth. While angelic presence on Earth is known of and acknowledged by many, there are a great number who scorn the very idea, and others only acknowledge their presence in Biblical, not real terms. The fact is, dear hearts, that angels are very real and an ever-loving presence for each and every individual. They are pure energy channelled directly from the Creator, and they know only love, peace and service.

The angelic hierarchy is well known amongst angel enthusiasts, and the names of the archangels, most of which end in ‘ael’ or ‘iel’, meaning ‘Messenger of God’, are used often to invoke healing and good will on Earth. Angels are guides who are often chosen by the human whom they accompany, but they can also join a human on their journey according to the direction it is taking and the help that is needed. Angels are omnipotent and their duty is to serve – they can be in a million places at once and they will always do what is asked of them with loving intention and no judgement. No task is too menial and no request too great for any angel, no matter where they are on the hierarchical scale. Never fear that you are bothering an angel with a menial request – if it is important to you, it is important to them and any request will always be answered.

The Creator’s light is spread in many ways, the angels and archangels being major distributors of Divine light and love, yet they cannot do it without the energy being grounded through the human form. Asking for help, requesting a clearing of energy, sending light and love to the Earth or to other people are all ways that angelic energies can be channelled for the greater good. Angels, Masters and even God himself cannot help you or send any energy of any kind unless permission is given – it is against spiritual law. If you are asking for help and it does not seem forthcoming, perhaps you are asking the wrong questions or you do not have permission yourself to send the energy? Help is ALWAYS given and requests are always answered, unless the timing is not right, the wording is unspecific or the request depends upon the permission of another individual.

It is not necessary to speak a special invocation to summon angels, nor do they wish to be revered. All glory goes to God: all angels and humans who invoke angelic energy with the highest, best and most loving intention are doing the work of the Creator, which is to love the world unconditionally.

Listen to your angels. They want only the best for you and for the world. Join with them in sending light and love to the world, because the more you do, the greater the chance that the world will survive to see the 22nd century.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus).

Channelled by Victoria Cochrane