Winning the War

I greet you all with love as we stand on the precipice of the New Age. Do not be deluded by all of the drama, grandstanding and bloodshed going on around the world at this time, because it is all like a magician’s smoke screen. As those who wish to keep the world in darkness towards their own ends continue to rule with fear and mind control continue to stir the pot, people are awakening to the light and are coming into their power. There has been a mass awakening over the last twelve months, and the grips of darkness are loosening. Those who refuse to be swayed by propaganda are waging their own war of sorts against the darkness that is spread by lies, domination and fear. They are sending love and light to the world, dear ones, and the counteractive effect cannot be underestimated! With intent, it is. Visualisation with intent is all that is needed to manifest change, and when it is sent with intent from a group the effect is magnified.

Love is all there is! All else is illusion and will only become reality if you believe it to be so. Do not buy into the illusion of darkness, because the duality of light and dark is not in the energy of the Creator. When you see, feel and become love you are one with God’s light. Nothing else is real. Believe in love, even if you cannot believe in God. See love as the only energy that is real, and send it with purpose to the world. You cannot imagine how powerful that one act can be.

I AM yours in love and light,

Master Saint Aloysius