Dispelling Myths about the Moon

Many people believe that the moon can cause mood swings and behaviour changes, lack of sleep and nightmares. Others believe that all of that is utter nonsense and the stuff of fairy tales. What if I were to tell you that neither is the case?!

The moon shines down on the Earth with the reflection of the sun on its surface. The moon appears to rise and fall in the sky when it is ever present. It also appears to be either a sliver, a half moon or a full moon according to the rotation of the Earth, when really it is the same, never changing. So, how can a ‘full’ moon affect a person’s psyche when, in fact, it has not changed, merely its location in the presence of the sun?

There is no reason for any change in a person’s mood other than within that person themselves. Blaming the moon or the wind is simply to ignore the changes, emotions or denials that are going on within the person. If it coincides with a full moon, so be it, but there is actually no effect from the moon that can be blamed for lack of sleep, violent temperaments, bad behaviour or the like.

However, it IS possible to align the fullness of the moon with the closeness of the sun to the Earth, because the sun’s effect on human behaviour can be quite profound. It is the magnetic pull of the sun that can interfere with the magnetic pull of gravity and with the ability of humans to feel grounded and connected; to Source, to Mother Earth and to themselves. A lack of connection can result in deep emotional trauma and feelings of loss and can lead to people behaving in ways that would not normally be attributed to them. So, if you do feel out of balance around the time of a full moon, it is the sun that is to blame!

There are ways to combat these unsettling effects on the human body. Wearing a personal, magnetic device is one method of balancing the negative and positive ions in your body; there are also several electronic magnetic devices that may help keep you grounded at times when your energies are susceptible. The best way, however, is to align your energies to the sun and to accept its healing presence. Through the Creator of All That Is, see the sun in your mind’s eye and ask that your magnetic fields be polarised and aligned to the sun’s magnetic fields for your highest and best. See, feel, or sense the alignment happening. You will feel the difference straight away.

Of course, it is not just at times of the full moon that magnetic disturbances can occur. However, if you are aware of it and of how it effects you, steps can be taken before your health suffers as a consequence.

I AM Yours in Service,

I AM Master Kathumi

Victoria Cochrane

Victoria Cochrane