Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters

The Age of the New Age by Mother Mary

The whisperings of the breeze in the trees on a summer’s day has a comforting and relaxing feeling to it. As the weather becomes warmer in the Southern Hemisphere, the cooler days and nights in the North are slowly taking hold. Warmer weather has the tendency to bring out the feelings of hope and renewed passion in humans, while colder days and nights that darken early make many people feel dread at the thought of the long, cold Winter ahead.

While weather has a tangible energy to it that people can pinpoint certain feelings and emotions to, there are other, more subtle energy changes occurring around the globe that can be blamed for many things but which not many humans would be aware of. These energies, which are associated with ascension and have many codes and sources, are responsible for much of the tumultuous changes, life-changing decisions, violent behaviours and physical illnesses that are rife amongst the human race at present.

The energies were actually encoded within you before you were born, because nothing in the universe is separate. Any new energy that Mother Earth or the Creator puts forth to create change is already known to you – how can you not know it when you are already one with it! If you recognise changes occurring within you that bring with them uncomfortable physical symptoms, you are more likely to accept them and to allow them to help you to release all that you have been holding onto that no longer serves you. If, however, you are receiving these energies but are choosing to reject them, your journey through the ascension period will be much harder and potentially harmful to your health and well-being.

No person can hold onto emotional, mental or spiritual baggage if they are to move back into their light bodies, and the greatest indicator that ghosts from the past are still present is the physical body. The spiritual I AM self will emerge cleansed and pure only when all other bodies have been purged of old habits, old wounds, negative thought patterns and self-destructive behaviours. This can be a long and arduous process, but it can be made much easier if you are a willing and conscious participant in it.

If you have suddenly found yourself to be in a difficult situation or have become stuck and cannot move forward, have developed an illness that you cannot shift, have been faced with demons of the past, have become a victim of abuse or blame or have become alienated from your friends or family, have been faced with an enemy you thought gone out of your life….any of these and many more scenarios are indications that the shifting energies are affecting you. Even though it may seem as if you have been cursed, the impact of these energies are a blessing, because nothing can stay the same or stuck while at the same time becoming renewed and free of the past.

There are no boundaries to the Creator’s love — no conditions, no limits, no right or wrong beliefs. Love is all there is and love is the energy in which the Creator asks to you embrace the new energies of the New Age and to allow the past to leave you forever. It is only in the energy of love, oneness and light that the world can finally be free of the separatism that has wrenched the human race apart since it began.

Ascension is occurring whether you like it, accept it, believe in it or want it. Allow us, the Masters of the Light in the energy of the Creator’s unconditional love to assist you through this time, for the age of the New Age is upon us, and what a wondrous time it is.

I AM Mother Mary

Victoria Cochrane

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