Beyond the Tragedies

The recent shooting down of a plane over the Ukraine was not in most of the victim’s soul contracts. It was a karmic intervention by people involved in the military who are much more concerned with their political status than they are with innocent lives. The incident was planned as a statement to the world about the treatment of Ukraine by Russia, and the command came from the highest military officials. This was no accident. It was coldly calculated as a warning and a threat.

This incident has left many families shattered and the world wondering why such a thing would be allowed to occur. The decisions made leading up to this event have had significant standing in its occurrence, but the main reason is simply human ego. There is little to be said that will comfort those left behind, for the reasons why are of no comfort at all. Let it be said that those who have inflicted this suffering will find the karmic repercussions swift, and the lessons needed to learn as a result will increase their incarnation cycle. For those souls who have been released, know that they are being well cared for and are coming to terms with their swift demise.

Sometimes the death door that is presented to us is unexpected. There is no time to make a choice about whether to go through it or not. In this case the masters did foretell this event and were waiting to receive the souls who were trapped in this unfolding tragedy. The victims were immediately enfolded in my light upon impact, and all souls who chose to be released to the light are now again one with it. Those who chose to stay behind are being protected and are offered assistance as soon as they feel ready.

I have also been asked about the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft that has disappeared without a trace. Again, innocent lives were sacrificed for what was seen as the ‘greater good,’ which, in this case, was the religious and political beliefs of a small group of individuals. The plane is in very deep sea off the west coast of Australia, but further north than the recent search areas. It will not be possible to salvage the wreck for some time, and its location will remain hidden for a while longer. The plans of those responsible were bigger and more complicated than they had bargained for, because the crash was not a part of the scheming. They had planned for a ransom and for political bargaining, but they veered off course and ran out of fuel.

Do not send anger and hatred, beloved ones, for these emotions only perpetuate more of the same. Send love to those who have chosen to sacrifice innocent lives for their own gain, for they are the ones who will need it the most in the future. They have much to learn about oneness and unconditional love. I love them as much as I love those who have been lost. All life is a lesson, and the spirit carried in the soul of each and every human on earth is sacred, no matter the choices they have made or the deeds they have committed. Focus on the light, dear ones. Allow me to send my love and light to you to help you to understand the bigger picture and to know what it feels like to be one with my light and the all.

I AM The Creator of All That Is


Victoria Cochrane