Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters


Saving Mother Earth

The world turns and daily living continues, sometimes frenetic and at other times dull. Human life bustles about on the surface of the Earth but, deep below, all is still and quiet, cool, contemplative and majestic. If you could sit your energy inside the Earth, away from the core but deep enough to be surrounded by rock and crystal, you would know what it is to just truly be.

The planet Earth has existed for aeons of time and, well before animal or human life, the structure of the Earth was already formed and her energy stabilised. The molten core surrounds her diamond core which is her heart, and the molten lava is her heart’s protector. Although it steams and rages it is also her life blood and her warmth. The huge crystals that have formed within her are her eyes and her energy – they vibrate according to her vitality, her energy levels and the amount of love that she is able to emit. The vibration of her crystals varies from area to area and according to the vibrations of human life upon her surface. The rock formations within her and upon her are her foundations and her strength. The water wells, ponds, lagoons, lakes, waterfalls and seas are her tears and emotions, and their state reflects her moods and her challenges.

The beauty of Mother Earth has withstood the ravages of time, weather and influences of man, although there are many areas now that have been ruined seemingly beyond repair by toxicity, abuse, pollution and over-resourcing. Although Mother Earth is strong and resilient, there is only so much that she can withstand and, without adequate exchanges of energy, her resources are dwindling and her energy is waning. The importance and practicalities of recycling, greening and reduction of greenhouse gases notwithstanding, it is essential that love is returned to her in equal measure. In simple terms, the act of sending love and light to Mother Earth, the life upon and within her, her heart, her blood, her emotions and her bones cannot be underestimated.

If every human stopped for one minute every day to thank Mother Earth for her gifts, to send her love and light and to make one adjustment to their lifestyle that replenished rather than drained her, the effects on her inner and outer health would be amazing and apparent to all. The collective nature of the human consciousness and the fact that all on Earth is one with Mother Earth means that every beautiful thought and deed directed towards her and all who dwell upon her magnifies her radiance and her recovery. Of course, every toxic thought and deed has the same, opposite effect on her health. Please, beloveds, take the time to send love and healing energy to Mother Earth and to all life upon her, including your fellow man, every day. You will be astounded at the effects.

I AM Saint Germain

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