Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters


Meditation: Easy As You Like

Imagine in your mind a beautiful garden. It is the most peaceful and tranquil place you have ever been in. There are many shady trees on manicured lawns, flowers in well-kept gardens and water trickling in a stream under a bridge. Birds are singing and there are rabbits and other animals hopping around close by. A gentle breeze blows on your face, and the sun warms your feet. All is peaceful and your mind is empty, just revelling in the beauty surrounding you. When you leave the garden you feel refreshed, relaxed and revived, ready to resume your day.

Meditation is as simple as this, my friends. There are many people who say they cannot meditate and still their minds, yet when you sit and just ‘contemplate your navel’, as the saying goes, you are essentially meditating!

There are many types of meditation, some of which are ‘interactive’ where contact with guides, spirits or the Creator is made. However, most people who meditate do so in order to centre themselves within their own being, to make contact with the deep spirituality within, and to increase their sense of health and wellbeing. In the rush of daily life, a multitude of thoughts run through peoples’ minds at the same time, clouding the ability to see the bigger picture and to think clearly and rationally. It is very easy to become ungrounded and disconnected, to the world around you and to the spiritual voice within. Meditation is the best way to re-centre, re-ground and re-connect to yourself, Mother Earth, the Supreme Source and to your spiritual self.

Clearing your mind may seem difficult, but having a focus may help. Some people use              pre-recorded guided meditations, some play music, some use chanting or toning. Many focus on their breath or on a visualisation. There are many different ways, but the best way to clear your mind that I would recommend would be to focus on your breathing while visualising it as light. As you breathe in light and fill every part of your body with it, you can imagine that it is renewing all of your cells, repairing tissue and reinstating your health. As you imagine it happening, it will actually be happening! As you breathe out the light, breathe it out as love and imagine it is going out to the world, to people you love, to people who need it or even to the Earth itself. As you imagine this, it will be happening.

The power of meditation is that it harnesses the power of the mind in connection with the rest of your body, with the Supreme Source, Mother Earth and with the universe itself. The mind is a powerful manifester, but in lower or more fractured vibrations it can work in destructive, judgemental and quite detrimental ways. In the meditative state, however, it is calm, connected to the ALL and free of the attachments to the Earthly and Third Dimensional planes. It is open to the messages that are available from the etheric planes, and it is more able to see from the Third Eye. Starting with the breath will immediately connect the meditator to their sacred fire, and the resulting connection to the ALL will be deeper, more profound and much more relaxing, particularly for the beginner.

Meditation, dear ones, can be as simple or as complicated as you like. There are no rules and no time limit- it can take one minute or twenty, five minutes or an hour. You can stare at a wall, walk on the beach, connect to the Creator or chant for the whole time. However you do it the purpose is always the same: to clear your mind, centre your spirit and connect to the ALL, which is also your connection to your Higher Self, your subconscious thoughts and your own self in spirit. Spirituality, after all, is connection, and meditation is the highest and best way to find it. By connecting to yourself first you will ultimately connect to Source. Be patient and persistent, loved ones, and you will reap the rewards.

Many blessings,

I AM Archangel Michael

Victoria Cochrane

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