Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters

The Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has long been held as a symbol of love, peace and oneness. To see one can instantly stimulate feelings of joy, happiness and love. The pink lotus flower traditionally means love, while the white lotus indicates purity or spirituality. When people visualise the lotus flower in meditation its appearance is always a symbol that is welcomed, because it indicates the strong presence of the Christ Consciousness. If I were to visit you in meditation and place a pink lotus flower in your heartspace, for instance, it would mean I was giving you the gift of love in union with myself and the Creator. This gift is significant, as it is not only a symbol of your union with the Divine but also with the universe, as the only underlying vibration of the universe is the love of the Creator that is bound by the Christ Consciousness.

To receive a lotus flower from me or Buddha or any of my other spiritual aspects is confirmation that you have been able to feel unconditional love both for yourself and other people. It also is given when you have been working as a Lightworker for the planet, or when you are beginning on your spiritual path. It is given as a beacon to ‘light the way’ as it were, to help you to feel inspired and to keep on going even if the road up to this point has been long and arduous.

I am always with you. I will come when you call, I will give you strength and love when you need it. Religion is absolutely not required in order to receive my support as a bridge to the love of the Creator.

I AM Jeshua ben Josheph (Jesus).


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