Weathering the Stormy Weather

Greetings to you. The weather patterns around the world have, in many cases, become unpredictable and unseasonable. There are storms when there should be calm, ice and snow when there should be sunshine, and rain in unusual times of the year. There have been many cyclones and tempests that have been vicious in their nature and the havoc they have wreaked has been out of the ordinary and quite unexpected. Some areas have experienced continuous or regular flooding, and other areas are unseasonably dry.

There are many causes for disruptions to the weather and all of them are linked in some way. The major cause of change in weather and climate is the presence of man on Earth. Humans have lived and plundered the Earth and put many pollutants and toxins into the environment and atmosphere. Climate change is not a figment of anyone’s imagination but a cold, hard fact. One cannot expect that the environment, that is so sensitive and finely interwoven in its cycles and patterns, cannot be affected by constant exposure to chemicals, toxins, poisons and dense populations! The presence of humans is the reason there is so much imbalance upon the Earth, although humans have always been welcomed and assisted to exist there.

Foul and savage weather is one of the returns of energy from Mother Earth when she has not been treated with respect and dignity. A drying up or withholding of resources, such as drought or famine, is another manifestation of such treatment. Floods and tempest are an attempt by Mother Earth to expunge corruption and desecration from her surface and her body. Repeated attempts may indicate there has been extreme savagery, bloodshed, pillaging and/or disrespect in that area in the past.

Human emotions are also reflected in the weather, and where there is much negativity, such as in war zones, the weather will seem extremely harsh at times. It may be blazing hot, freezing cold or very blustery and windy: there will be extremes in temperature and in weather patterns more often than not. Instability and fragility in human emotions and the psyche will affect the weather and also the human collective consciousness because the power of thought cannot be underestimated. Harsh words and deeds will manifest from toxic thought processes, and, because all upon the Earth is one, every thought, word and deed is united and a powerful force towards mass negativity or positivity. Never fall under the illusion that what you think, do or say cannot affect other people or other parts of the world. All humans are united spiritually as a part of the all and can thus consider themselves family to every individual on the planet.

The power of prayer and meditation in asking for healing upon the Earth is a force for good that cannot be underestimated, and when groups of like-minded individuals join with intent to send loving healing to the planet the impact will be greater than one could ever imagine. More than ever before do the Masters urge you to join forces with your friends and colleagues to pray, meditate and send love and healing to the Earth daily. You may feel drawn to a particular place or element, or you may just hold the energy for the whole planet. Whatever or wherever it is you are drawn to send your love to will benefit from the energy. Use your thought processes for good, and send loving thoughts out, even to those you would rather avoid. The power of love is a force to be reckoned with, as it is aligned to the light of the Creator and is therefore the saviour of the world. The masters and angelic kingdom will be ready to assist you to magnify the energy that you send. All you need to do is ask.

I AM Master Kathumi

Channelled by Victoria Cochrane