Channellings From the Masters: Do Not Give Into the Fear

Behold, I am Archangel Zadkiel, and I come to you today to bring hope and love to your heavy hearts. Although much of the world is plunged in grief and despair at the acts of a few whose beliefs are extreme and beyond reason, there is much light permeating the darkness. It is to the light that I wish to direct your attention, because to give into the fear will only take you away from the light.

It may seem to many that God has forsaken you, but nothing could be further from the truth. God bleeds with you and feels your pain, but there is nothing he can do against the free will of those whose choices impact upon others. God, archangels, angels and masters alike cannot interfere with the free will of mankind, and can only help when asked to do so. If you have been praying for help, please know you will always be answered, but sometimes it may not be in the way you had hoped.

There are many forces at play in situations where innocent people die, and it would not help to explain them here. But know that for every action there is a consequence, and for every soul who is taken against their will there is a karmic repercussion. Also know that those souls are never alone and that they will get their chance to live as a human again. Then they will be able to rectify the action that resulted in their death, not with vengeance, however, but merely to play out of the law of karma.

The hope that I bring to you is that there are blessings in every tragedy, and that for every harsh action that takes away lives, more lives will be saved because the lesson will be learnt and preventative measures will be put into place. The outpouring of grief into the collective consciousness has also seen people unite in rage at the injustices that have taken place, and to reach out to each other in peace and understanding. Rather than revert to the lower vibrations of the perpetrators, the sending of love and sympathy to those affected will actually work to bring the world back into oneness and harmony. Do not dwell on those who have acted against humanity, because their lessons will take them on their own road that is theirs to deal with. Vibrations of hatred will only manifest more of the same, whereas the sending of love and peace will bring the world back into balance and into the light.

Do not give into the fear, dear ones, for this will only hold you and the Earth in the vibration of hatred and darkness. It is natural to feel grief and anger, but try to concentrate on the living. Send love to those left behind, and unite together to change the vibrations of the world and the collective consciousness. Let the love and light into your hearts, and radiate it out with empathy and sincerity. You may think there is nothing you can do, buts let me tell you, sending love is more powerful than you can ever imagine.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel.

Victoria Cochrane