Writing Your Personality – Are You Who You Think You Are?

When you listen to birdsong, the type of call will instantly identify the species of bird it belongs to. While each bird of the one species will initially look and sound the same, individual birds can show vast differences in personality, ranging from happy, shy, vindictive or cheeky, regardless of their upbringing and/or environment, age or length of time in captivity. Humans keeping any animal as a pet will notice unique characteristics in their pet’s behaviour that would make it instantly recognizable to them, even if it were surrounded by others of its own kind.

Humans also develop their own personality at a very early age and can show certain behavioural characteristics, dispositions and attitudes in their interactions with their families that can seem far removed from any family genetic tendencies or traits. How is it that a child of happy disposition can thrive in a family that shows little love, that a child can be anxious from the time of birth despite it being born into a calm and loving family? Why are there so many people in the world homeless, lost, angry, nasty or narcissistic, even though their upbringing was one of the utmost care, compassion and excellent educational opportunities?

The nature versus nurture debate has always been a question that has many explanations but no definitive answers. While it can reasonably argued that love is the highest source of energy, the harsh environments in which many children are born into can greatly influence a person’s outlook on life and self-belief. However, many people’s personalities belie any outside influences. Why is this so?

Those who practise astrology, numerology, palmistry and other forms of physical visionary practices that show all that has already been written will seem to ‘read’ a person like a book. Their ability to pinpoint a person’s personality traits and life’s path are more often than not astoundingly accurate, leaving people in awe and wonder as to how their life could already be written as if it has already happened. How is it that the lines on the palm of your hand, the date and time you were born or the alignment of planets at the time of birth can literally form a map of your life, including an accurate description of your personality traits?

The essence of who you are comes from the aspects of your soul that have already experienced life in its many aspects, forms and levels of consciousness. The paths you have chosen in previous lifetimes and the lessons you have learnt and forgone, the trauma you have overcome or held onto and the amount of soul fragments that have fractured and been created over the span of your incarnations all contribute to the vibrational frequency of consciousness that you are born with. Put simply, your personality and disposition to life are reflections and refractions of your soul journey up to this lifetime.

How is it written in the stars, the numbers and in the lines on your skin?

Everything is written in the Akashic records of your lifetimes. Your soul group writes each soul fragment’s destiny according to its journey and its obligations under spiritual law. As each lifetime is completed, the next is planned and set in agreeance with the soul group, including when and where you will be born, the lessons you need to learn, the karma that must be repaid and the service you wish to achieve in your lifetime. When you are born, it is just as has been written by you and the soul group, and the map of your journey to come is mapped on the palm of your hand. Very little of what happens in a person’s lifetime is a deviation from the over soul and soul group’s plan, but it is possible for a soul to choose to end one’s life early if the plan has become impossible to finish due to karmic intervention or other extreme circumstances.

The laws of Creation are vast and complicated, but the nature of Creation is simple. In the moment of birth, the alignment of the spirit and soul with the body is completed and the intention to live in human form becomes a reality. The day, date and time of your birth are a crucial influence in the nature of your personality and how you will approach life. Your personality is born when you are born, because the manner in which the planets are aligned form a code that is specific to your birth and the intentions that your soul holds for the life you will live, the lessons you will learn and what you will accomplish. In essence, your personality and disposition to life are already written.

Can a nasty person ever become nice over a lifetime? Adversely, is it possible for a trusting person to become bitter, sceptical and untrusting throughout their lifetime? Yes, it is certainly possible for a person’s personality traits and belief systems to be changed through environmental intervention, which is not always written, according to the choices made and the karma that has been inflicted upon them by the free will of others, or the karma they have chosen to invoke. However, the lessons the person has chosen to learn also have a major influence on their ability to overcome negative or positive environmental factors or lack of nurturing, particularly if the lesson has been unlearned for a few lifetimes. It is entirely possible for a person to become stuck in a lesson that becomes a soul contract that is difficult to break out of, causing them to repeat mistakes over and over in a lifetime or even across lifetimes. It is also possible that a person will lose their way so much that the lesson they most wish to learn becomes lost to them and they change their path irrevocably.

All humans have a shadow side which many choose to hide from others. By accepting the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects of your personality an making a conscious effort to be mindful of the impact your behaviour has on others, you will be actively raising your consciousness and stepping into the truth of your soul’s journey and purpose. “You are who you are” is a phrase that is pertinent to remember, for it is written in the lines on your skin and in your personal record in the Akasha.

So, who are you? How much have you allowed your environment to change or shape you for the better or worse? Are you mindful of the impact your behaviour, disposition and approach to life affects your reality and the people around you? How much responsibility are you willing to take to rewrite your personality, if it is getting in the way of your spiritual growth and personal happiness?

You are who you are, or are you?

I AM Archangel Michael


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