The Evolution of Gaia and of Humanity

Many messengers on Earth are heralding significant and catastrophic changes to the conditions of living on Earth within the coming weeks and months. In most cases, cataclysmic weather and natural disaster events are a long time in the making, as Mother Earth resiliently tries to counter each attack by human individuals, corporations and societies on her resources and energy. At breaking point and unable to withstand the dark, corrupt energy of ego that has resulted in war, terrorism, injustice and the vile way humans treat each other, not to mention the raping, pillaging, pollution and plundering of her sacred treasures over centuries, the spirit of Mother Earth, Gaia, is leaving; she cannot protect third dimensional Earth any longer. With the golden age of Aquarius in Earth’s ascended state evolving and progressing at a startling rate, her own ascension is complete and her mission on the old Earth has terminated. She must now leave those who have chosen to ignore the stirrings of their heart and the song in their soul to their chosen fate and move into the New Age to welcome and accommodate the ascended ones. Time has literally run out and any choice that may have been open to those wavering in their belief of their own divinity is dwindling. There are now only two choices humanity has at their disposal  – wake up or face the dire consequences.

Ascension is a divine consciousness that grows existentially in the minds of those who have chosen to awaken at a certain time in their human lifetime. It brings the individual into alignment with their divine blueprint as outlined in their soul contract, in accordance to the lessons they have learnt and the mastery they have achieved over their lifetimes. Many people are now becoming cognizant of their soul journey and if they have agreed to be wayshowers for Ascension, because they are discovering psychic connections and gifts that have been hidden from them until their awakening.

The ascension of humanity was never meant to take as long as it has but, until 2020, the masses have largely allowed themselves to be sheep and herded in any direction the masters of darkness have led them. Too used to believing what is told to them or what can only be seen with the naked eye, the mechanics of corruption have escaped most but an astute few. However, the arrival of a global pandemic and the resulting heavy-handed tactics of government to lock down and then vaccinate against the growing wave of disease and death have had an astounding effect on the spiritual consciousness of man. The tide has turned and the long-awaited mass ascension has finally begun.

We have spoken before of the dark forces who work insidiously to undermine the greater good of mankind. The etheric forces of evil harnessed by souls who remain in ego and self-serving ways eventually take them over, leading them to become hard of heart and unable to feel empathy for others. There are many people in positions of power whose words defy their actions and whose intentions, seemingly of integrity are the exact opposite. The smokescreens they erect are elaborate, deliberate and clever, but the veil is lifting now. In the next year, governments, corporations and powerful individuals will find themselves exposed, if that has not happened alre3ady.

Slowly and steadily, the light has been overtaking the dark, causing the attempts to quell the rumblings of dissention and mass awakening by those serving themselves] to become even more desperate. The Covid 19 pandemic is one of many calamitous events that have been a convenient vehicle to ‘cleanse’ the planet and to keep humanity’s awakening at bay, but it is coming to a head and will have the exact opposite effect on the consciousness of mankind that those who have chosen the dark path ever intended.  Yes, there is still fear, and conspiracy theories abound, many of them true but discounted by those who cannot believe that humans could wage war upon their fellow man, but light always suppresses the dark and truth will always prevail.

Vaccination isn’t the conspiracy: we wish to make that very clear. Instead, it is the key to unlock the snakepit of decades of dark lies and underworld manipulation of the masses. By October 2021 the virus will officially have overrun the planet. Governments will be forced to abandon lockdowns, but vaccination will be mandated. Chaos will reign in humanity for three weeks, verging on anarchy, as people rebel against the restrictions placed upon their freedom. Then, suddenly, towards the end of the year, cases and deaths will begin declining while the fallout takes surprising and sometimes calamitous turns. . Many truths will come to the surface and many monumental government/institutional collapses will occur.

In that time, the ascended earth and humanity will have taken over and the rebuilding of societies will begin. Human consciousness raising to the 5th dimension is the answer. YOU are the solution.

What of the spirit of Mother Earth, Gaia? She cannot remain in the old Earth as the energy is now far too toxic for her, but she has now evolved to a higher frequency of light and is waiting to greet all of those whose raised consciousness allows them to see and recognise her beauty.  

The ascended Earth is not on another planet but in a different and higher dimension. It is where you are but requires a different and higher level of awareness. It encompasses the crumbling, third dimensional Earth in a way that allows people of different consciousnesses to co-exist until the lower energies can no longer sustain themselves in the higher vibrations of love, tolerance and unity. The Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, is literally entombing the unascended Earth and taking the darkness with it.

Gaia is now Goddess Gaia and her energy reflects the golden rays of oneness. Her energy is still crystalline with the golden ray throughout. The golden, God Ray is the 12th chakra ray and encompasses all other rays. Connecting to this ray and using it for healing yourself, others and the Earth is literally the same as being in the Seventh Plane of Existence. It is the ray that oversees the Age of Aquarius and is now revealing itself in established healing modalities around the globe.

We are at an exciting stage of Ascension as it is finally concluding. Have no fear, because the chaos will be short-lived, as long as those who are ascended can assist those who are still awakening.

We, the Masters of Light, are ever present to answer your calls for assistance.


I AM Archangel Michael.


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