Pockets of Opportunity for Change

In the ebb and flow of the Aurora there are pockets of energy – time warps if you like, that are subtle shifts in dimensional consciousness. If you have ever witnessed one, you will have noticed, amongst the different colours as it swirls around, tiny patches of brown, white or grey. These are momentary lapses in time, or stillpoints, where the manifestation of change is ultimate. They are fleeting but constant, like little pockets of time that arise and are gone just as swiftly. Is life on Earth not just like that?

The aurora is a mirage of sorts, yet it is a beautiful reminder of the ebb and flow of life. The pockets of opportunity for change can be few, far between and brief, but they are opportunities none the less. When they come, do not hesitate. Grab them with both hands and act swiftly, for now is the time for change and it begins with the consciousness of man.

Now is such a time, dear hearts. As the energy of third and fourth dimensional energies grow ever denser and more entangling, the pockets of light that are the wayshowers of the world are bringing hope, optimism and opportunities for people to rise above the gloomy future of Earth promised by climate change, oppressive governments, constant pandemics and threats of nuclear war. While the physical world continues to crack and crumble, the cities of light are building. Focus on the light within and you will start to see beyond the illusion!

If you watch the northern and southern lights, the presence of the dark is swiftly overcome by the myriad of colours within the spectrum of light that comes only from the Source of Creation. As the dark tries to take hold, it is swept into the brilliance of the aurora and is never the focus of the wonderful and breathtaking display,

Humans have a tendency to focus on the negative, which only then creates more of the same. When you focus on the brilliance of light that is shining from the hearts of people who care about you and those that lead with love and positivity, the pockets of opportunity for change will suddenly be right in front of you and will seem achievable.

There should never be any doubt in the light and love of the Creator that is present in each and every soul living on Earth. The good within will always prevail when one’s needs are met and one feels loved and valued. Spread your own light and love and allow others to do the same for you, then watch the world around you change for the better!

I AM Archangel Uriel and Lady Aurora

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